Defender X – Rental & Loaner Management

Your inventory is your livelihood, protect it 24/7

Protect Your Vehicle Fleet

With Skypatrol, your inventory can be protected, monitored and controlled 24/7, 365 days per year.

Using the ‘Fleet Management’ mode on the Skypatrol unit, dealers can protect their vehicles from theft, abuse and unauthorized use while in inventory. When a vehicle is sold, dealers can either remove the device and install it in a new vehicle or switch the unit to “Consumer Mode” and sell the unit with the vehicle as a safety and security device.

Protect inventory against loss and theft:

  • Perform a complete physical inventory on demand
  • Create a geofence around the lot and set an activation schedule to protect vehicles during closed hours. Managers receive alerts via email or text message if a vehicle leaves the pre-set boundary during the activation period
  • Disable the starter of a vehicle from a remote location and enable it remotely when the vehicle is recovered
  • Monitor the location of any vehicle in the fleet from any computer via the internet
  • Increase recovery of lost or stolen vehicles by locating and tracking in real time
  • Receive an insurance deductible reimbursement of up to $1,000 if a lost or stolen vehicle is not recovered

Monitor use of rental fleets and courtesy vehicles

  • Receive maintenance alerts to keep the vehicles serviced properly
  • Generate trip reports to monitor usage
  • Set geofence boundaries to control unauthorized out-of-state trips
  • Set alerts for off-hour or unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Disable the starter on stolen vehicles and enable it remotely when the vehicle is located and recovered

Track & protect demo, rental or loaner fleets to ensure that each car can be sold at a maximum profit

  • Monitor mileage and maintenance requirements without ever looking at an odometer.
  • Set geofence boundaries for test-drives
  • Eliminate employee vehicle use during off-hours