Real-time GPS inventory management systems

Just Right for Automotive Groups of Any Size

The Lotman is the definitive Real-Time GPS Inventory Management System for automotive groups of any size.

By simply plugging the unit into each vehicle, The LotMan will track location, movement, battery voltage and mileage by VIN number; it’s that simple.


Why do lot managers love the LotMan?

Lot managers and general managers spend less time out on the lot looking for the vehicle’s individual information, even better, they never lose another vehicle, EVER!

With the LotMan:

  • There is no data entry required
  • Access a location and status report every 24 hours (Daily full inventory report)
  • Create invisible lot fences and receive real-time alerts when the vehicle leaves the lot
  • Never lose a sale to a dead battery. Daily access low-battery report
  • Track ALL vehicles on one powerful web-based platform


  • Updates new VIN number and info when transferred between vehicles
  • Accurate inventory control and protection
  • Reduces staff time in inventory management and data entry
  • Eliminates lost sales due to dead battery, non-starts on test drives
  • Track vehicles remotely at multiple locations, even in transit