Skypatrol GPS Devices Provide Broadest Most Reliable CDMA Coverage in US, Mexico and Canada

The Skypatrol Defender 2.0 CDMA GPS system provides the broadest and most dependable North American coverage through its Verizon partnership which was announced in January.  Verizon partners in Mexico and Canada make coverage seamless across borders


Skypatrol confirmed today that their partnership with Verizon Wireless allows its GPS tracking devices to operate seamlessly across borders in North America. Key partners in Mexico and Canada support the Verizon Wireless CDMA network.  This combined presence affords Skypatrol the broadest and most comprehensive wireless coverage available in North America.

Unequalled CDMA coverage in North America adds another layer of support and assurance to Skypatrol customers. Infrastructure that is both robust and obsolescence proof is the basis for all Skypatrol GPS tracking and monitoring solutions. “This coverage, supported by the broadest and most dependable wireless coverage in North America, allows us to provide solutions to all our customers,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.  He went on to say, “Our Verizon CDMA offering also insulates Skypatrol customers from service sunset scenarios facing some operators.”

The capability to operate across borders is increasingly important given the growth of the Skypatrol customer base in Mexico, Canada and US communities that border Mexico and Canada. Providing GPS tracking solutions that easily cross borders on the Verizon CDMA wireless network is just one more way Skypatrol demonstrates its commitment to supporting customer needs.



Skypatrol’s Defender 2.0 Software Redefines Nonprime Vehicle Financing

Defender 2.0 software platform designed to solve

real collateral protection problems facing nonprime auto lenders


Defender 2.0, the awarded winning* software developed by Skypatrol, is redefining the possibilities for profit and capital preservation in the vehicle finance market. The robust tool designed to be the ultimate software for the nonprime vehicle finance industry, provides exclusive features that make it possible for users to experience a new level of efficiency.

Defender 2.0 is the only vehicle finance software that has the ability (patent pending) to send all the necessary platform capabilities to agents in the field. With this exclusive feature, when it’s time to collect the collateral, the user can, with a single click, send all the critical data, like VIN number and vehicle location to the agents responsible for collecting the vehicle. Speeding the process and ensuring accuracy and privacy for all involved.

With this unique feature information is quickly shared, and the agents can take advantage of the benefits provided by the Defender 2.0 interface.  “As a leading provider of M2M solutions, we constantly strive to be one step ahead. We work continuously to offer the entire market innovative software platforms that reinforce our position as the solution provider that exceeds client expectations,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

Defender 2.0 is a risk mitigation software tool designed to optimize business processes, and lets users maintain a clear view of the entire loan portfolio and associated collateral. This kind of control ensures profits. Defender 2.0 also has a robust API, making integration possible with almost any existing platform.

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* On January 2014, Defender 2.0 won the “Best Vertical Platform Award” at the Battle of the Platforms competition that was organized by M2M Evolution.


Skypatrol will be at NIADA providing effective support to the automotive financial market

Skypatrol’s Vehicle Finance Collateral Protection Experts will be sharing their insights with attendees at booth 241


Miami June, 2014.- Skypatrol, a global leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, recently announced its participation as an exhibitor at the upcoming NIADA’s 68th Annual Convention and Expo, event organized by The National Independent Automobile Dealer Association, the only national non-profit organization representing the independent motor vehicle industry that promotes and educates the independent motor vehicle dealer.

From June 23-26, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the 2014 NIADA convention will be where Skypatrol experts will be available to answer questions and demo some of the most exciting new tools available to Independent Auto Dealers. Defender 2.0, awarded “Best Vertical Platform” at the M2M 2014 Conference continues to evolve and will be the primary attraction at the booth.

Defender 2.0 with its broad spectrum of capabilities is positioned as the easiest to use and most powerful platform in the market, and is recognized as the best and most reliable solution for dealers across America. “For Skypatrol, this trade show season has been a success. Defender 2.0 has captivated market attention because we have been demonstrating that with our software auto dealers and finance companies can obtain more than what they are expecting. We are not just locating cars. We are helping dealers and finance companies build a more predictable business with dependable cash flow and increase profits,” says Mark Peters, Senior Vice President of Sales.

Protecting vehicle inventories and loan portfolios, Defender 2.0, developed by Skypatrol LLC, is a risk mitigation and vehicle loan management tool, and through its friendly interface users can customize reports, alerts, and other features within minutes, helping auto dealers and lenders plan for the future, and efficiently handle their daily operations.


Mitigating risk with Defender 2.0


Miami, May 2014 - Skypatrol, the global leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting its line of integrated tracking solutions for the non-prime vehicle finance industry at the 18th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference (NAF) - the only trade association exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry - being held in the Omni Fort Worth Hotel in Fort Worth Texas.

From May 28th through the 30th the annual conference will attract all the major players in the non-prime auto finance sector, providing an opportunity for education and networking, while giving exhibitors a great forum to showcase their products, technologies and services. Skypatrol will be presenting the capabilities and benefits of Defender 2.0 its software platform that has been designed from the ground up for vehicle finance companies.  Defender 2.0 is a reliable tool used to protect collateral and thereby protects a lenders investment.

“Our award winning solution, Defender 2.0, minimizes losses and optimizes loan management. Our customers are able to maintain tight control of their portfolio with features like scheduled payment reminders and our exclusive one click ‘Repo Mode’ option,” said Mark Peters, Senior Vice President of Sales.  “The results speak for themselves; customers that implement our entire Defender platform have experienced and can expect improved portfolio performance as well as real drops in their default rates.”

Early this year, Skypatrol added the TT9400C, a CDMA GPS device that is designed to take advantage of the recently announced partnership between Verizon and Skypatrol.  The TT9400C is designed specifically to work on the Verizon Network, improving coverage, speed, and ultimately results.


gI_153162_Defender SP

Skypatrol and its award winning Defender 2.0 Platform will be on display at the May 2014 NABD Events

Miami, May 2014.- Skypatrol, the global leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, is demonstrating its software as an exhibitor at The National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers (NABD) May events: “Dealer Compliance Academy” (May 18-20), and “The 16th National Conference for BHPH” (May 20-22) that is being held at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

“I love meeting with our customers at the NABD events. These events provide a huge opportunity to make new connections and renew old friendships. Our platform, Defender 2.0, is helping our customers manage and protect their assets, mitigate risk and boost profits”, says Mark Peters, Senior Vice President of Sales at Skypatrol. “This year at the NABD Dealer Academy and Conference, we are also proud to introduce our newest GPS device, the CDMA TT9400C which works and operates on the Verizon network, the fastest and most reliable network.”

The Skypatrol goal is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The new platform, Defender 2.0 has been consistently providing unparalleled innovation and functionality while obtaining excellent results and great customer satisfaction within the vehicle finance market. Visitors attending the NABD events will have the opportunity to learn how user friendly Defender 2.0 is, and to discover all the features and advantages that Defender 2.0 offers, qualities that make Skypatrol the best choice when it comes to growing a business and increasing profit margins.


Skypatrol Relaunches Fleet Command at Fenatran Chile

 Miami May 2014. Skypatrol, one of the leaders in GPS tracking solutions, is exhibiting its wares at Fenatran Chile 2014.  The event is being held in Espacio Riesco in Santiago, Chile, and is expected to attract more than 70,000 attendees representing all the major players in the automotive industry.

From May 14th to the 18th, Skypatrol will be demonstrating its GPS tracking devices and it’s easy to use, and powerful, telematics software platforms.  Skypatrol platforms offer users the ability to manage and protect mobile assets like never before. During the show, visitors at the booth (#128-p) will get hands on access to the newest and most powerful solutions that increase productivity, and protect mobile assets, using Skypatrol technology.

Skypatrol is demonstrating and explaining the many uses of their powerful Fleet Command software platform. This solution, already available in the Chilean market, is ideal for any company or fleet manager that understands the impact that increased performance can have on their business. “We have been working with Fleet Command in the Chilean market for more than 3 years and we have seen our customer reap tremendous results with the platform, reduced fuel costs, more efficient routing, and better maintenance scheduling to name just a few benefits” said Daniel Gejman, General Manager of Skypatrol SA Chile.

Fleet Command users have access to important data through this the tool that lets them know where their vehicles are and how much time each vehicle spends in every location.  It’s also possible to see if the driver leaves the engine running during a stop, and they can make sure the vehicle does not stray from the assigned route without good cause. Monitoring these behaviors over time can decrease fuel use and contribute to a more efficient route structure for the company.

“Fleet Command was designed to improve fleet management. Every vehicle represents an opportunity for our customers to increase profits.  With effective telematics tools from Skypatrol and ongoing monitoring and control, managers can expect to boost their profits, and avoid unnecessary expenses generated from the misuse of their vehicles,” said Maitha Cassouto, Sales Director LATAM & Caribbean.

Skypatrol is also introducing an exciting “dual mode” tracking device.  This tracking device combines two communications technologies, GSM and the Iridium satellite network.  Using this solution means you are always in touch with the assets you are tracking.  In the middle of the Ocean, in the Amazon, or in downtown Santiago you can “see” your asset with the powerful Skypatrol dual mode GPS. “In our ongoing quest to provide solid and dependable solutions for our global customers we worked through a game changing turnkey solution with the development of our dual mode platform and device. For example, any failure with the GSM cellular network will kick the device over to the Iridium network and it will take control of the GPS, our customer never loses track of the asset, they remain in constant and uninterrupted contact,” affirmed Alex Gajano,Global Director of Tracking Solutions

Skypatrol, líder en la industria del GPS de rastreo estará presente como expositor en Fenatran Chile

Soluciones de rastreo y localización para flotas, protección personal y control de inventario.

 Innovando el mercado a través de su solución de modo dual

Miami, Mayo de 2014. Skypatrol, líder en soluciones automatizadas de GPS para el rastreo de activos móviles, será uno de los expositores durante la celebración del conocido evento Fenatran Chile 2014 que, en Espacio Riesco en la ciudad de Santiago y en un área de 70 mil metros cuadrados, reunirá a las empresas más importantes vinculadas a la industria automotor.

A partir del 14 y hasta el 18 de mayo, Skypatrol estará presentando sus equipos de rastreo GPS y sus plataformas amigables y dinámicas de software, que ofrecen soluciones inmediatas y efectivas para la administración de activos móviles. Durante los seis días del evento, los visitantes del stand 128p podrán conocer a través de la fuerza de ventas de Skypatrol cómo lograr el incremento en la productividad a la vez que protegen sus vehículos.

Entre las soluciones de Skypatrol, se encuentra la ya conocida herramienta Fleet Command, ideal para todo empresario y administrador de flota que reconoce la importancia económica que representa para su compañía el obtener el mejor rendimiento de su flota, para ello Fleet Command permite la gerencia de diversos datos, como: dónde están cada una de sus unidades, cuánto tiempo utiliza cada unidad en cada una de sus paradas, la velocidad a la que transitan y las entradas y las salidas de las zonas prestablecidas. “Llevamos ya más de tres años con Fleet Command a la disposición del mercado chileno y hemos obtenido resultados muy positivos en su implementación y uso, satisfaciendo a cabalidad las necesidades de nuestros clientes,” dijo Daniel Gejman, Gerente General de Skypatrol S.A. Chile.

Entre los problemas más comunes que se pueden determinar con el uso de Fleet Command se encuentran el poder conocer si el conductor deja el motor encendido aun y cuando el vehículo esté parado o si un vehículo se sale de su ruta sin ninguna razón justificable, alejándose del punto de su próxima parada. Estos aspectos aumentan considerablemente el uso de combustible y contribuyen al retraso de los procesos que, en muchos casos, generan la necesidad del pago de horas extras.

“Fleet Command ha sido diseñada para facilitar el control de la flota, tomemos en cuenta que cada vehículo puede representar ganancias o pérdidas y  solo, a través del debido seguimiento y control, el gerente puede asegurarse de obtener el mayor margen de ganancias posible y, por ende, evitar las pérdidas innecesarias que se generan por el uso indebido del vehículo,” explicó Maitha Cassouto, Director de Ventas para Latinoamérica y el Caribe de Skypatrol.

Skypatrol estará también presentado su novedosa solución de modo dual, que conjuga GSM con la red satelital de Iridium, brindando una cobertura global que cubre cualquier falla temporal que tenga la señal celular, eliminando así el riesgo de perder control en minutos cruciales. “En nuestra constante búsqueda por ofrecer las mejores respuestas a nuestros diferentes mercados concebimos el desarrollo de nuestra solución dual. Recordemos, por ejemplo, que los parajes montañosos nos hacen tener dificultades con la red celular, pues en esos momentos la cobertura de Iridium tomará el control del GPS y la comunicación se mantendrá constante, sin interrupciones, sin vacíos” expresó Alex Gajano,   Director de Soluciones Globales de Rastreo de Skypatrol.

Protek GPS™ Recuperación de vehículos y control de lotes

Durante este encuentro, Skypatrol presentará su nueva solución dedicada a dos importantes nichos: el personal y el de concesionarios. Protek GPS para la protección personal, permite al usuario contar con localización 24/7, beneficio que le dota de la posibilidad real de recuperar su vehículo en caso de robo, puesto que a través del software, el dueño puede informar a la policía de su posición exacta.

Con el uso de esta herramienta, el cliente tendrá la potestad de configurar alertas de velocidad o traspaso de geocercas. Por cada GPS instalado el usuario puede establecer el límite de velocidad permitido y/o las zonas en las que el vehículo está autorizada a transitar, si alguno de estos factores es transgredido, el usuario recibirá una alerta – ya sea en su correo electrónico o en su celular vía mensaje de texto.

En su versión empresarial, Protek GPS representa la solución ideal para aquellos que poseen lotes de vehículo para la venta, ofreciendo control, seguridad y tranquilidad. Control sobre el inventario, seguridad al saber dónde están realmente los vehículos y tranquilidad al monitorear los movimientos que realizan las unidades. Además, la flexibilidad de programar alertas, según las necesidades específicas del usuario, otorga la posibilidad de estar informado por ejemplo del estado de la batería de los vehículos, pudiéndose recibir un mensaje de texto y/o un correo electrónico cuando alguna de las baterías está baja, evitando el terrible inconveniente de no lograr encender un auto/moto/bus/camión que esté a la venta.

Company profile: Doral-based Skypatrol tracks vehicles and helps companies grow productivity



How can businesses keep track of their employees and vehicles — wherever they are? Here’s how one customer of Doral-based Skypatrol used its electronic-tracking services to catch an employee goofing off:

The customer, the owner of a company in New Jersey that makes electric generators, had sent a technician to Tampa to install one. But Skypatrol’s tracking system showed the vehicle was in Miami Beach, not Tampa. The customer then called his driver to find out what was going on. We’re making progress in Tampa, the driver replied.

After calling Skypatrol to ask about the discrepancy, the New Jersey business owner learned that the company truck and employee were indeed in Miami Beach. He called his driver again, who finally confessed.

“This is an example of how Skypatrol can help clients keep track of vehicles anywhere in the country and find out if their employees are working efficiently,” said Robert Rubin, who took over as Skypatrol’s CEO in 2004. In this case, Skypatrol helped expose an employee who was acting dishonestly, misusing a company vehicle and dragging out the time required to complete a job.

Skypatrol started out as a manufacturer of tracking devices for vehicle fleets in the early 2000s. Tracking devices still account for much of the company’s success — it has been profitable since 2006. But over the years, the company has added more tools to help companies that manage fleets of commercial vehicles; automotive finance companies; law enforcement; and individual vehicle owners. Its sales to companies that finance autos have accounted for a spurt in the firm’s revenues, which grew by 20 percent in 2013 and are on track to increase by 40 percent this year.

As its services have increased, so has its client base, which now also includes wholesale electronics businesses, companies with fleets of trucks and construction equipment, police departments, and oil and mining operations

“We don’t make a lot of different devices. We provide a lot of solutions to business,” said Rubin, a Miami native with a law degree from the University of Miami. “We provide a platform for companies to solve their problems and help them manage their businesses more efficiently.”

Verizon Wireless recently signed an agreement to supply Skypatrol customers all over the United States with advanced GPS tracking technology. The contract, which Verizon described as a “multiyear, multimillion dollar deal,” will connect tens of thousands of Skypatrol’s machine-to-machine tracking and security devices using Verizon’s high-speed wireless network. It will “strengthen our nationwide infrastructure and increase reliability,” Rubin said.

Central to Skypatrol’s success is its proprietary hardware, which includes a variety of electronic tracking and monitoring devices. These devices connect customers to hundreds or thousands of their vehicles — cars, trucks, motorcycles and heavy construction equipment — either by cellphone networks or by global positioning satellites. Its software can tell a fleet manager about down time vs. work time for each car; track fuel efficiency; and count how many stops drivers make on their routes. It can also help auto dealers keep track of their inventory and send payment-due reminders to car buyers; tell auto finance firms where to pick up a car to be repossessed; and track a stolen vehicle.

Customers also have access to a Skypatrol website that shows constantly updated information about their vehicles, other physical assets and employee performance.

“We are looking at ‘exceptions’ in the location information and using these as management tools to improve an organization,” Rubin said. “For example, determining how many stops a technician should make and how long he should stay at each location. Is the asset — in many cases, a vehicle — being maintained appropriately to extends its life?” If an asset — like expensive equipment used in mining or oil production — is not supposed to move, why is it moving? Are trailers being used properly, or are they parked by the side of the road? These elements can add unnecessary costs and lower efficiency at a company, he said.

Skypatrol designs the tracking devices in-house and uses components made in China, Switzerland, Malaysia and the United States; it develops its own software in Doral, Colombia, Silicon Valley and Vietnam.

Skypatrol’s tracking devices differ from other anti-theft devices, which use a radio transceiver hidden in cars, trucks and other equipment. When a vehicle equipped with this type of device is stolen, the owner must file a report with police, who then activate the tracking device and go after it. Rubin said that with Skypatrol, the owner can track a stolen vehicle and then report its location to the police, and try to retrieve it himself or use repo companies. Moreover, other devices operate only within certain geographical areas, while Skypatrol tracking works even in isolated rural areas and overseas.

Skypatrol products also include a “geofencing” feature, which alerts a customer when a vehicle leaves a specific area. It can also disable the vehicle electronically. And the company also offers ways to help auto dealers keep better track of large fleets: When there are hundreds of cars on a lot, dealers sometimes don’t know where a particular model is. “When a customer asks for a specific vehicle, our system tells them where it is on the lot,” Rubin said. Skypatrol can even give dealers full reports on which car batteries are dead.

Wholesalers of electronic devices represent another market for Skypatrol. Mini Gadgets in Atlanta sells security and spy equipment in the United States and overseas. “Skypatrol supplies GPS tracking units mostly for cars and trucks, but also for asset management — boats and heavy equipment,” said Andrea Williams, Mini Gadgets’ sales manager.

Mini Gadgets sells to retail spy shops and electronics stores, and they in turn sell to people tracking their personal vehicles and to companies tracking fleets. “Their tracking units are very popular and are one of our top sellers,” Williams said. “We’ve been in that market for awhile and what we like is that Skypatrol units are very easy to activate and use, and they have a good price point. And most important, they offer great customer service.”

One of Skypatrol’s clients is Automax, a dealership in Arlington, Texas, that sells used cars and trucks, mostly to customers with bad credit, and finances all its vehicles in-house. It has been using GPS devices for about 10 years to recover vehicles from owners who stop paying. But Automax started working with Skypatrol about two years ago. “Their devices are much more reliable — some of the machines I used in the past didn’t work properly,” Automax owner Sam Mahrouq said. “They offer the best prices and customer service … that’s why I moved to them.”

The Skypatrol tracking machines are attached to vehicles and cannot be deactivated by owners. “We sell about 300 vehicles a month and we have a repo rate of about 40 percent,” Mahrouq said. “We finance our cars and these GPS devices are designed to get the car back, so that reduces our losses.

“In the past, people didn’t pay and you couldn’t find the car,” he said. “Thanks to these machines, we can recover our cars and make a lot more loans. This benefits people who need a car to go to work and can’t get a bank loan.”

The cost of Skypatrol tracking devices and software varies according to the range of services provided and volume. For example, a tracking unit sold at a retail outlet for a private vehicle, including one year of service, costs $499. Large customers, such as auto dealers, may pay $89.95 per unit.

In February, Skypatrol won an award for one of its software designs at the M2M Evolution, a high-tech trade show held in Miami Beach. The company won the “Best Vertical Platform Award” for its vehicle-theft recovery product. M2M refers to “machine-to-machine,” which means that a wireless tracking device can communicate information over a network to a computer that uses software to analyze the data.

“Skypatrol won the award because they have the ability to communicate information in real time, which allows people and businesses to make good decisions quickly,” said Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media, which organizes trade shows and conferences on new technology developments and who set up the Miami Beach event. In the past, he said, people had to wait for a system to produce a report and make a decision. “Now, we can see data in real time. Skypatrol is one of the leading developers in this space.”

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Skypatrol, a través de la venta de Protek™ GPS y en asociación con los concesionarios de autos, promueve el incremento en las ganancias en las ventas de carros

Protek GPS nuevo sistema de recuperación de robo de vehículos - una solución  dirigida al público general

Miami, Abril 2014. Skypatrol anuncia el lanzamiento de su sistema de recuperación de robo de vehículos Protek GPS que será vendido en las oficinas  de los concesionarios de autos nuevos. Skypatrol, en apoyo a sus socios comerciales, proporcionará los dispositivos GPS a un costo asequible para que sean instalados en todas las unidades del lote  y, sin costo adicional, le proveerá de acceso total a su robusto software de gestión de inventario.

Este accesorio -  diseñado para vehículos nuevos y para ser vendido en el departamento de F&I (financiamiento y seguro) de los concesionarios  – será instalado sin cortar ningún cable, asegurando al cliente que no corre ningún peligro de perder la garantía del fabricante del auto.

El lanzamiento de Protek GPS se define como un acuerdo de triple ganador. En primer lugar, el concesionario gana con el aumento de sus ingresos en cada venta y adicionalmente obteniendo, de manera gratuita, la plataforma de gestión del inventario. En segundo lugar, los clientes ganan al adquirir su carro con un sistema de recuperación de robo de vehículos que les permite rastrear y localizar su vehículo 24/7. Finalmente, Skypatrol gana al obtener una tasa de ventas mayor al 30% a través de este canal de distribución

“Protek GPS se generó orgánicamente gracias al profundo conocimiento que tenemos de las necesidades de nuestros clientes en los mercados de gestión de flotas y de financiación de autos,” expresó Jeff Hanft, Presidente de Skypatrol LLC. “Este nuevo producto permite a los concesionarios ofrecer a sus clientes una poderosa herramienta  mientras obtienen ingresos adicionales, factor clave en un entorno donde los márgenes son tan estrechos.”

La administración del lote con Protek GPS, aumenta la satisfacción del cliente al agilizar el proceso de venta dado que el vendedor localizará rápidamente el auto; y como Protek GPS enviará un mensaje si la batería del carro está baja, se elimina la posibilidad de perder una venta por batería muerta. También, a través de la plataforma, se puede conocer si un auto salió del lote sin ser vendido.

Con Protek GPS, los vendedores de los concesionarios pueden garantizar a sus clientes la tranquilidad de saber que cuentan con el sistema de recuperación de robo de vehículos más potente y fiable de la industria, con la capacidad para localizar y rastrear vehículos en su computador, tableta o teléfono inteligente.

El anuncio del lanzamiento de Protek GPS es una nueva demostración de la capacidad y el compromiso de Skypatrol para crear nuevas e innovadoras soluciones de rastreo GPS destinadas a la industria automotriz.