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Skypatrol, a global leader in GPS integrated tracking solutions.

Skypatrol to Showcase Defender 2.0 at the American Towman Expo

Skypatrol set to show its powerful Defender 2.0 platform to the vehicle towing industry in Baltimore at the American Towman Expo, November 21-23 at booth 1102

Skypatrol, a global leader in GPS integrated tracking solutions, announced that it is attending the American Towman Expo, at the Baltimore Convention Center, in Maryland. The Skypatrol team plans to show off all the tools and capabilities of Defender 2.0 Including the new DVT (Data Verification Tool) and the one click Repo tool.  Skypatrol is also recruiting sales agents from this industry to enhance its sales team to the auto dealers and finance companies to offer Defender 2.0, the #1 vehicle finance risk mitigation software platform.

Developed for the vehicle finance business, Defender 2.0 has the DVT (Data Verification Tool), a unique feature that makes it possible to verify customer data right from the platform, quickly and affordably, resulting in better lending decisions. In addition, ‘One-click Repo’ mode (patent pending) lets users securely send critical information about a vehicle’s whereabouts to the repo team along with the ability to use the Defender 2.0 Platform.  These tools give Defender 2.0 users a clear advantage when it comes to tracking and protecting their collateral.

“When you talk about technology solutions like ours with folks in the towing industry, their close ties with lenders is always a key topic. We are constantly receiving requests for us to demo the Defender 2.0 platform for their customers. Defender 2.0 just makes the whole repo process run a lot smoother, and that is in everybody’s best interest.  That’s why we think that working with towing businesses as agents makes a lot of sense.  We are looking forward to making a lot of new friends at the show,” says Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

Defender 2.0, awarded “Best Vertical Platform” at the M2M 2014 Conference, offers many ways to improve portfolio performance for its vehicle finance customers. One is the ability to send ‘payment reminders’ by email or text message.  This is an important feature that results in more on time payments and a stronger cash flow.  Always working to offer the best vehicle finance solutions, Skypatrol recently announced new Defender 2.0 capabilities: its innovative ‘Installation App’ that not only allows faster installations, but also provides the ability to test the GPS function right on site; and, its ‘Data Verification Tool (DVT)’ that helps lenders quickly and inexpensively check critical customer background information.


Skypatrol Defender 2.0 Team Sharing Exciting New Developments at FIADA 2014 Convention Booth 512

The FIADA 2014 Convention is right around the corner

and our Defender 2.0 team is ready

Come & visit us at booth 512 at the FIADA Convention, Oct 9-11 @ the Omni ChampionsGate Resort

We have exciting new tools to share:

 The GPS Installation App &

A Game Changing Data Verification Tool

FIADA has a great event planned and ready to go—

Join us for networking, a sold out exhibit hall, prizes and educational sessions including:

  • Navigating the New Waters of Online Marketing & Selling
  • Floor Plan Ahoy! To Floor Plan or Not, That is the Question.
  • Full Sail Ahead: Tips, Traps, And Techniques to Successfully Capitalize and Grow a BHPH Enterprise
  • Tides Are Changing: Using Technology to Buy the Right Car at the Right Price
  • Don’t Walk the Plank: What Legal Dangers Dealers Face Today

Skypatrol announces DVT (Data Verification Tool) a game-changing background verification report for automobile dealers & vehicle lenders

Skypatrol’s DVT allows lenders to quickly and inexpensively access critical information to help verify prospective and existing borrower information. For subprime lenders this tool can be more helpful than a traditional credit check.


Skypatrol, a global leader in GPS integrated tracking solutions, announces the introduction of their game-changing DVT (Data Verification Tool) for its Defender 2.0 users. DVT utilizes the latest technology in advanced data base lookup techniques to quickly gather and sort critical information about a prospective borrower or an existing customer.

DVT reports, designed to help Defender 2.0 users improve their lending decisions, can be used in conjunction with credit reports. In fact these DVT reports provide enough valuable data to stand on their own.  This powerful tool is integrated into Skypatrol’s award winning GPS vehicle finance platform – Defender 2.0 – giving users immediate access.

“We worked closely with our customers to design these DVT reports and capabilities.  We invested many hours to understand the needs and requirements of the independent auto dealers and vehicle lenders. Then, with the help of the best data compilers in the world, our development team built this comprehensive and reliable data verification tool. This means that our Defender 2.0 users will have a way to quickly and inexpensively verify key information and put together a comprehensive risk assessment of prospective or existing borrowers,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

Skypatrol’s DVT, with three levels of reports, Basic, Comprehensive, and Expanded Verification, is more helpful than a traditional credit report when it comes to evaluating a subprime borrowers likelihood to repay a vehicle loan. Verifying data, like a steady job and a stable residence is often a more telling indicator than a FICO score.

The addition of DVT for Defender 2.0 users makes it easier and quicker for them to build high yield portfolios while at the same time reducing lending risk. Skypatrol is committed to providing its vehicle finance customers with the most innovative tools and capabilities available in the growing Internet of things (IoT) space.

Skypatrol is deploying DVT today with the latest Defender 2.0 update.  This introduction comes right on the heels of the installation app introduction and is a harbinger of things to come.

Skypatrol GPS Vehicle Installation App Makes Reliable GPS Installations Less Work

Skypatrol GPS Vehicle Installation app is the first in a series of companion applications designed to complement Skypatrol GPS tracking solutions.

With this new app a vehicle installation team is able to scan and associate various key vehicle data points such as VIN, dealer stock number, and GPS serial number.

Miami, September 2014.- Skypatrol, a global leader in GPS integrated tracking solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its GPS Vehicle Installation app today, that brings much needed automation to the GPS vehicle installation process, and removes the guess work associated with a successful GPS installation with a set of comprehensive validation tests.This app is the first in a series of companion applications designed to complement the suite of Skypatrol GPS tracking solutions.

With this GPS Vehicle Installation app Skypatrol customers will be able to eliminate most if not all of the manual data input involved in an installation by simply scanning key data points like VIN, stock number, and GPS device serial number securely into the system. The data is then transmitted to the Skypatrol platform where it is decoded and saved to the account. Once the scanned VIN number is uploaded to the platform, the Skypatrol VIN database is able to populate the customer file with comprehensive vehicle data.

“We are excited to announce that our innovative GPS Vehicle Installation app is ready for release. This past year we won the best platform award with Defender 2.0, as the best risk mitigation software serving the nonprime vehicle finance industry. Now, with this smart mobile application, we are adding huge efficiency to our package of solutions. Using this tool, our customers are going to experience a faster installation process and accurate vehicle identification data from the installers with no data input or keystrokes required. Just a scan and the data is securely imported to the customer’s platform without the data entry expense,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

Skypatrol customers can use this new app to deploy installers with confidence knowing there is a robust security system in place that only allows the installer access for a limited time, further ensuring privacy and security.

For installers, this new app boosts efficiency and allows them to work more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. When a GPS is successfully installed a notification is sent through the system, easily and efficiently closing the loop.

The new Skypatrol installation app successfully completed its beta trials last month. The app was rigorously tested as an integrated component of Defender 2.0 and Protek GPS two of Skypatrol’s most advanced platforms.

Skypatrol GPS Vehicle Installation App

Skypatrol launches its Power Sport GPS Device In Latin America and the Caribbean

With a backup battery, an accelerometer and a water and dust resistant case the Skypatrol Power Sport GPS is ideal for use on motorcycles and off-road vehicles 

Skypatrol, a world leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, proudly announced today, the immediate availability of its Power Sport GPS in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  An ideal tracking solution for motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles that require features that guarantee the best performance anytime and anywhere.

“Our Power Sport GPS ST7200 has been a success in the USA market and now we are proud to announce that we are ready to offer it to our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.  We are confident that this launch will be a great success. Our staff successfully developed and applied changes to the Power Sport GPS to respond to the connectivity needs of these markets. Our GPS unit continues to employ our proprietary firmware that provides high performance as well as low data consumption,” says Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

The Skypatrol´s Power Sport ST7200 is the ideal solution for people who have motorcycles, boats or jet skis, because the unit is vibration and water resistant with a re-engineered case. Also, this GPS does not drain the vehicle battery an important feature, when power sport batteries are small and the vehicles are stored for lengthy periods.

The installation process is simple, and once the unit is properly connected the user will have the perfect tool to locate and monitor the vehicle use at any time and place with wireless coverage. Partially designed to be a theft recovery system, in addition to the location feature, and thanks to its internal battery and its included accelerometer, this GPS will send an alert if the vehicle is moving without turning on the ignition.

This product is not only a high technology device for location and theft recovery, but also an excellent tool that allows the user to monitor vehicle use, set geofences (virtual boundaries) and custom alarms for vehicle movement, ignition events or low battery issues on any computer or mobile device with a browser.

Skypatrol anuncia el lanzamiento para el mercado latino de su GPS de rastreo Power Sport ST7200

Con batería interna, acelerómetro incorporado y cubierta altamente resistente es ideal para el uso en motocicletas


Miami, Agosto de 2014.- Skypatrol, líder del mercado de soluciones GPS de rastreo y localización, anunció la inmediata disponibilidad en la región de su equipo “Power Sport ST7200.” Una unidad GPS de rastreo ideal para el uso en motocicletas, lanchas y otros vehículos que demandan equipos GPS que resistan condiciones extremas para garantizar su correcto funcionamiento en todo momento y todo lugar.

“Nuestro ST7200 ha sido un éxito en el mercado estadounidense y nos enorgullece anunciar que ya estamos listos para ofrecerlo en el resto del continente. Estamos seguros que este lanzamiento será un gran suceso en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Para garantizar la excelencia que Skypatrol siempre ofrece, nuestro personal desarrolló con éxito los cambios necesarios para que el Power Sport responda con eficiencia a las necesidades específicas de la región. Como siempre, nuestra unidad GPS contará con el Firmware de Skypatrol que asegura tanto el alto rendimiento en el desempeño de la unidad como el bajo consumo de datos,” dijo, Robert Rubin, CEO de Skypatrol

El “Power Sport ST7200” de Skypatrol está dotado de una cubierta impermeable, resistente a las vibraciones y a los cambios de temperatura, presentándose como la solución eficaz para todos aquellos que poseen motos, lanchas, motos de agua, etc. Con la gran ventaja que Skypatrol asegura que el dispositivo no consumirá la batería del vehículo en el que se instale, lo cual agrega otro grado de seguridad para el usuario que no tendrá que preocuparse porque la unidad GPS acabe con la vida útil de la batería.

El dispositivo es muy simple de instalar y una vez conectado el usuario contará con la seguridad de proteger su vehículo al tener la habilidad de localizar y monitorearlo en todo momento y lugar, siempre que tenga cobertura celular. Diseñado para la protección en caso de robos, además de la localización, gracias a la batería interna y al acelerómetro incorporado, el GPS enviará una alerta si el vehículo es trasladado sin haber sido encendido.

Este producto de alta tecnología no solo es un excelente dispositivo para localización y recuperación en caso de robo, con el ST7200 el usuario además disfrutará de otros beneficios tales como, el poder establecer geocercas (límites virtuales) y configurar alarmas que indiquen si el vehículo ha sido movido, si la batería está baja o si ha traspasado los límites pre establecidos. Todo gracias a la flexibilidad que proporciona el monitoreo remoto a través de un computador o dispositivo móvil.


Skypatrol participará como expositor en E+S+S

Durante 3 días Skypatrol estará exponiendo su amplia línea de productos de alta tecnología destinados a la protección de activos móviles


Skypatrol, líder en el mercado de rastreo y localización GPS, anunció recientemente que será uno de los expositores en la conocida Feria Internacional de Seguridad E+S+S, que se llevará a cabo del 20 al 22 de agosto en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia. Encuentro que reunirá a las más importantes empresas de la región relacionadas con el mercado de seguridad empresarial.

Desde el stand 1211, el equipo de Skypatrol estará presentando y explicando la funcionalidad, los alcances y los beneficios de todos sus equipos GPS y accesorios, destinados a ofrecer las mejores soluciones para la protección de los activos móviles. Además, los visitantes al stand tendrán la oportunidad de recibir asesoría personalizada que en materia de seguridad Skypatrol puede ofrecerle se adapte a sus empresas y necesidades.

“Para Skypatrol es un orgullo participar como expositores nuevamente en E+S+S. Estaremos presentando nuestros equipos y soluciones telemáticas, que colaboran directamente a aumentar la seguridad, el control y la eficiencia de las empresas. Con nuestra participación ratificamos, una vez más, nuestro compromiso con en el mercado colombiano, en ofrecer soluciones completas y de alta calidad que satisfacen las necesidades de protección y localización,” expresó Cristian Moreno.

La variedad y la versatilidad de los productos de Skypatrol le permiten a la empresa ofrecer la mejor combinación para responder de manera efectiva los requerimientos específicos de cada uno de sus clientes, garantizándoles que experimentarán protección, seguridad y optimización del rendimiento de sus activos.

Orientados a la protección de los activos móviles, los productos de Skypatrol, satisfacen a una amplia gama de necesidades empresariales, que abarcan desde la administración de flotas, pasando por el monitoreo de vehículos personales (motos, lanchas, botes) y hasta la gerencia efectiva de lotes de vehículos. Sin olvidarse por supuesto de la protección personal. “Para cada necesidad, tenemos una solución. Para la protección personal, por ejemplo, ofrecemos nuestro TT8850, un equipo portátil que a través de su botón de pánico envía un mensaje de texto o email reportando la posición en la que se encuentra la persona que está en una situación de peligro,” agregó Moreno.

Tecnología de punta – una respuesta a tiempo en todo momento

El envío de alertas y de reportes de localización, la posibilidad de establecer geocercas y la localización exacta son factores claves para quienes buscan disminuir riesgos y aumentar sus controles de seguridad. Skypatrol, el mejor proveedor de equipos GPS de rastreo, asegura el cumplimiento de estas premisas a través de productos de alta tecnología y comprobada calidad que trabajan bajo el firmware desarrollado en su casa matriz en Doral, FL.

Utilizando equipos de última generación y respondiendo a los diferentes requerimientos de sus mercados, las unidades GPS de Skypatrol trabajan con diversas plataformas de comunicación tales como GSM, CDMA y, en su búsqueda por ofrecer cobertura total para el máximo grado de seguridad, Skypatrol también ofrece una solución dual, que conjuga GSM con la red satelital Iridium.

Conociendo las necesidades del mercado latinoamericano, la unidad GPS dual de Skypatrol garantiza la comunicación en caso que se presente una falla temporal en la señal celular, puesto que el GPS de Skypatrol seguirá reportando a través de la red satelital. Eliminando de esta manera, las fallas de comunicaciones en minutos que pueden ser cruciales para las empresas y/o las personas.

La solidez, la calidad y la eficiencia de los productos de Skypatrol se ratifica en su casi millón de unidades funcionales instaladas a nivel mundial.

Skypatrol GPS Devices Provide Broadest Most Reliable CDMA Coverage in US, Mexico and Canada

The Skypatrol Defender 2.0 CDMA GPS system provides the broadest and most dependable North American coverage through its Verizon partnership which was announced in January.  Verizon partners in Mexico and Canada make coverage seamless across borders


Skypatrol confirmed today that their partnership with Verizon Wireless allows its GPS tracking devices to operate seamlessly across borders in North America. Key partners in Mexico and Canada support the Verizon Wireless CDMA network.  This combined presence affords Skypatrol the broadest and most comprehensive wireless coverage available in North America.

Unequalled CDMA coverage in North America adds another layer of support and assurance to Skypatrol customers. Infrastructure that is both robust and obsolescence proof is the basis for all Skypatrol GPS tracking and monitoring solutions. “This coverage, supported by the broadest and most dependable wireless coverage in North America, allows us to provide solutions to all our customers,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.  He went on to say, “Our Verizon CDMA offering also insulates Skypatrol customers from service sunset scenarios facing some operators.”

The capability to operate across borders is increasingly important given the growth of the Skypatrol customer base in Mexico, Canada and US communities that border Mexico and Canada. Providing GPS tracking solutions that easily cross borders on the Verizon CDMA wireless network is just one more way Skypatrol demonstrates its commitment to supporting customer needs.