Skypatrol Expands GPS Tracking Solutions With Vodafone Global M2M Technology

Vodafone’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology provides Skypatrol with the connectivity required to provide reliable location-based services for clients and expand into new markets

Vodafone today announced it is working with Skypatrol, a leading supplier of integrated GPS tracking solutions, to bring reliable and efficient connectivity to their electronic-tracking services across nearly 1 million different devices installed in vehicles, truck fleets, construction equipment, and oil and mining operations worldwide. Skypatrol will benefit from Vodafone’s global network to address customer demand in the US and in more than a dozen countries throughout Latin America including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru, activating more than 10,000 new M2M SIMS per month.

Skypatrol provides turnkey risk mitigation and tracking solutions for the vehicle finance market, new car dealers, rental car companies and fleet managers globally. Skypatrol also provides GPS hardware bundled with Vodafone’s Global M2M SIM to telematics service providers around the world through an easily configurable API (Application Program Interface) that allows the service providers to quickly deploy any Skypatrol device on its own unique front-end user interface.

For example:

• Companies that already have their own fleet or GPS tracking solution can use Skypatrol hardware preconfigured with a Vodafone Global M2M SIM that reduces not only data consumption requirements but costs as well. Using a simple API interface, customers can quickly integrate and deploy GPS devices on their own platforms in a matter of days, allowing them to activate their solutions in new markets faster than ever before.

• Skypatrol provides solutions for motorcycle dealerships and new car lots in the Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) space in addition to serving the vehicle finance market often referred to as “Buy Here Pay Here” (BHPH). These turnkey solutions can now be readily launched in any of the countries supported by Vodafone’s Global M2M SIM.

• For those managing fleets of any size, Skypatrol’s Fleet Command moves beyond traditional GPS tracking to fleet automation with data analytics. Other award winning solutions like Defender 2.0 and PROTEKGPS allow companies to make informed decisions that improve fleet utilization and the bottom line.

Vodafone’s global network and the Vodafone Global M2M SIM means Skypatrol can provide these services around the world with confidence without being distracted with the task of country-by-country IT integration. Skypatrol can focus on its core business and provide the best possible service to its customers for its products while expanding its offerings into new markets.

Skypatrol’s CEO, Robert Rubin said, “Our goal is to provide our clients peace of mind with reliable products and services whether it is tracking a vehicle, valued cargo, or assuring the safety of a person by accurately knowing their location. Vodafone allows us to continue to provide these location-based services to our customers and supports our continued growth inside and outside of the United States. ”

Vodafone Group’s Head of Machine-to-Machine for the Americas Andrew Morawski said, “Our M2M technology supports all of Skypatrol US and international solutions, helping to provide reliable connectivity for their customers. The global nature of our SIM and our ability to provide a global M2M approach across a diverse range of products is what makes Skypatrol able to confidently communicate with their devices worldwide.”