Skypatrol launches its Power Sport GPS Device In Latin America and the Caribbean

With a backup battery, an accelerometer and a water and dust resistant case the Skypatrol Power Sport GPS is ideal for use on motorcycles and off-road vehicles

Skypatrol, a world leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, proudly announced today, the immediate availability of its Power Sport GPS in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. An ideal tracking solution for motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles that require features that guarantee the best performance anytime and anywhere.

“Our Power Sport GPS ST7200 has been a success in the USA market and now we are proud to announce that we are ready to offer it to our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are confident that this launch will be a great success. Our staff successfully developed and applied changes to the Power Sport GPS to respond to the connectivity needs of these markets. Our GPS unit continues to employ our proprietary firmware that provides high performance as well as low data consumption,” — Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO.

The Skypatrol´s Power Sport ST7200 is the ideal solution for people who have motorcycles, boats or jet skis, because the unit is vibration and water resistant with a re-engineered case. Also, this GPS does not drain the vehicle battery an important feature, when power sport batteries are small and the vehicles are stored for lengthy periods.

The installation process is simple, and once the unit is properly connected the user will have the perfect tool to locate and monitor the vehicle use at any time and place with wireless coverage. Partially designed to be a theft recovery system, in addition to the location feature, and thanks to its internal battery and its included accelerometer, this GPS will send an alert if the vehicle is moving without turning on the ignition.

This product is not only a high technology device for location and theft recovery, but also an excellent tool that allows the user to monitor vehicle use, set geofences (virtual boundaries) and custom alarms for vehicle movement, ignition events or low battery issues on any computer or mobile device with a browser.