Defender 2.0 Powered by Skypatrol

Lending to borrowers with damaged or poor credit can be difficult to manage. Backed with the strength of Defender 2.0, banks seeking to increase lending opportunities can safely expand their businesses to include subprime auto loans.

If your bank is lending to companies that finance high-risk borrowers or lending directly to high-risk borrowers, Defender 2.0 can help you increase on time payments, curb defaults, and efficiently repossess defaulted vehicles. After installing Defender 2.0’s Skypatrol-powered software platform, here’s what you’ll be able to do.

You need protection. You need total control. You need Defender 2.0

Defender 2.0 Boosts Your Business

  • Expand your lending capabilities
  • Reduce late payments and loan defaults
  • Boost portfolio performance
  • Increase overall efficiency through automation

Defender 2.0 Feature Rich and Intuitive

  • Send automated customer payment notifications via text message or email. Don't depend on buzzers!
  • DVT (Data Verification Tool) quickly verify customer data right from the Defender 2.0 Platform
  • Easy installation with the new Install App
  • Set custom geofence boundaries when vehicles leave your state, city, or any predefined area
  • One click repo mode (patent pending)
  • Unlimited locates
  • Enable/disable the vehicle’s starter
  • Set automatic updates on vehicle location
  • View location history
  • Customized reports

On the strength of these robust features, Defender 2.0 was recognized as the Best Vertical Platform at 2014’s M2M Evolution Conference Battle of the Platforms. For banks with branches across the country, Defender 2.0 offers reliable nationwide coverage – Skypatrol’s GPS hardware is built to operate on Verizon’s wireless network, making it easy to track and manage vehicles from anywhere. Schedule you live product demo of Defender 2.0 today!



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