Level the Playing Field

If you’re a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer, you’re probably feeling pressure in your industry. From pricing and interest rates to inventory, market conditions are presenting heightened challenges to compete with larger-scale dealers.

In addition, data estimates that as much as one-third of your customers will need to be nudged for late payments, or even repossession. Like any business owner, your time and resources are valuable.  Thankfully, GPS technology allows you to automate your processes to better manage your collateral and mitigate risk — allowing you to focus on what matters most, your customers.  This ultimately results in more revenue via less loss and more efficiency.

Unfortunately, not all GPS platforms are created equal.  Most solutions take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and are not designed for the BHPH dealer. Many don’t offer the high level of customization you need.

With the award-winning Defender 2.0 GPS platform powered by Skypatrol, Buy Here Pay Here dealers can easily take automation to the next level to facilitate timely payments, monitor your collateral thoroughly, and ease the repossession process.

You need protection. You need total control. You need Defender 2.0

Defender 2.0 Boosts Your Business

  • Expand your lending capabilities
  • Reduce late payments and loan defaults
  • Boost portfolio performance
  • Increase overall efficiency through automation

Defender 2.0 Feature Rich & Intuitive

See how your dealership can realize it’s full potential by simply implementing the Defender 2.0 platform, powered by Skypatrol.  Call or complete the form above to schedule your live product demo today!



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