Optimize Your Workforce with Mobility Tools that Improve Profitability

Skypatrol Personal GPS products make it possible to quickly track and locate people and provides them a device to message others. Any business with field personnel or a mobile workforce will benefit from real-time knowledge of staff whereabouts, enhanced scheduling functions as well as complete reporting on movement throughout the day. GPS tracking of your workforce will generate comprehensive reports, automating the typically manual logging process. The collected data will simplify the mileage tracking expense process, enable routing analysis and make it possible to evaluate and improve overall business performance. Locations are displayed on the familiar Google Maps™ layout.

Technology research firm Aberdeen Group conducted two studies in 2013 into companies with field employees and found that 62 percent of the respondents said they were using GPS to track staff. That number was closer to 30 percent in 2008, the firm said. Their findings also indicate responding firms have seen the following average improvements in key service performance indicators since the adoption of GPS-enabled solutions:

Efficiently track field personnel, police/security officers, sales reps and couriers using a smart phone or PC. Simply go online or activate our App and see exactly where they are and where they are going. You can even set alerts if personnel wander from boundaries that you define. These geofences allow operators to create complex borders that conform to customer sites, company facilities or assigned territories. Entry or exit from these geofences will be recorded in the Workforce Management system and can trigger email or SMS alerts.

If personnel need help, the push of a button tells the customizable alert system to send a text message or email.


  • GPS Locator with Compact Size
  • Water Resistant IPX5 Compliant
  • Up to 5 Built-in Geofences
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Standby Time with Internal Battery
  • 3D Motion Sensor for Motion Detection
  • Web-Based Device Management
  • Alarm When Battery is Low


  • Improved response times
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Less overtime and manual timekeeping
  • Simplified job/assignment tracking
  • Streamline business process (Mobile Forms)
  • Know where all your assets are in real time
  • Icons show visual status at a glance
  • Report times that vehicles enter and exit sites
  • Demonstrate proof of service
  • Increased amount of work done
  • Accurate time sheets
  • Improved efficiency
  • See when staff leave and arrive at home base
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Ensure and prove compliance
  • Enhance the safety of your drivers
  • Protect your insurance premium
  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Respond quickly to last minute emergencies
  • Reduce error-prone, time-consuming paperwork with digital tools

And for all users, there is a discrete alert button that sends a programmable message via email or SMS text if: there is a medical emergency, the dispatcher wants to know you arrived or someone feels threatened.


23% boost in workforce productivity


22% decrease in fuel costs and a 31% drop in daily mileage


25% reduction in idle times


  • For Service companies with a field staff, GPS can be used to demonstrate that a technician was on site on a certain date and time.
  • Home care nurses and social service agency personnel can corroborate service visits and be monitored for their safety.
  • The management of public safety personnel such as police officers and private security guards will be able to substantiate their presence.
  • Field sales teams that work from virtual offices and are on-the-road the entire working day will be able to confirm the number of completed sales calls.
  • Real estate agents that are conducting open houses or private home visits will be able to track their location if there is a report of theft.
  • Couriers and bicycle messengers will no longer need to take the time to report in and dispatchers will be able to instantly inform customers of their ETA.



Skypatrol offers reliable nationwide coverage through Verizon Wireless — making it easy to track and manage vehicles from anywhere. We are a direct source of proprietary GPS products: hardware and software with fial product assembly, quality assurance testing and customer support are all located in the US.

Are all GPS Devices created equal?

The performance of Skypatrol’s GPS and Cellular antennas score over TWICE as efficient as the competitor. This can mean the difference between accurately tracking a fleet — or not.


Who Carries Your GPS Data Communications?

Verizon is the Exclusive CDMA Carrier for Skypatrol GPS

The 2014 Midyear RootMetrics US National RootScore Report shows that Verizon is the leading mobile network in nearly all aspects of testing, sweeping overall performance, network reliability, and network speed. Verizon was also the top-performing network in the data and call categories. RootMetrics®, is the standard for independent mobile performance information


Skypatrol creates innovative software solutions integrated with its proprietary GPS hardware and firmware to help businesses use robust data analytic tools to monitor, protect and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly machine-to-machine world. Skypatrol was awarded the #1 Platform by the M2M Evolution Conference. It serves many markets including vehicle fiance, fleet management, mobile asset tracking, automobile dealerships, powersports and personal safety. Skypatrol is a global leader in GPS tracking solutions on a wide variety of platforms including GSM and CDMA cellular networks and Iridium satellites, serving customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


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