Fleet Command with Garmin

Feel the power of an advanced real-time GPS Tracking Solution

Pair Garmin’s Personal Navigation Device (PND) with Skypatrol’s Fleet Management Solution

Skypatrol working as a fleet management partner with Garmin portable navigation devices (PNDs) offer today’s most useful, versatile and cost-efficient INTERACTIVE fleet monitoring solutions.

Together we provide the interactive navigation link that’s been missing in fleet management systems.

Now, no job is too big for any small fleet. We offer customized all-in-one package solutions that will help you consolidate your productivity by reducing costs, minimizing response times, improving driver behavior, and boosting customer satisfaction. This revolutionary fully integrated fleet management and navigation system provides:

Garmin Features

  • Dispatch and Driver Two way Text messaging
  •  Stops (Destination)
  •  Estimated Time of Arrival
  •  Auto-Arrival at Stop
  •  Data Deletion
  • Canned Responses/Messages
  • Driver ID
  • Status
  • GPI File
  • Personalized Icons

Skypatrol's Fleet Command Plus Garmin

Benefits | Instant Communication

Realize the power of real-time navigation, messaging, and job dispatch capabilities for your drivers.
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Features | Everything You Need

What can you do with Fleet Command plus Garmin? The real question is what can’t you do.
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