Fleet Command

Command your fleet for productivity

Real-Time Visibility = Real-Time Results

Skypatrol’s fleet management solution with GPS tracking software allows you to effectively monitor your entire fleet in real time.

Our GPS tracking devices and thorough reporting don’t simply tell you where your vehicles are. They also provide full access to critical data and performance metrics such as number of stops, elapsed travel time, and total miles traveled.

Maximize the efficiency of your fleet through reduced labor, fuel and insurance costs and increase billings by optimizing routes and employee efficiency. Our technology puts you in the driver’s seat of every vehicle in your fleet at any moment.

Fleet fuel management

The larger your fleet, the higher impact reducing fuel costs can have on your bottom line. Our fleet management software provides fuel management reports that allow you to see, at a glance, how well you are managing fuel consumption. Gain insights on a per-vehicle basis and quickly spot inefficiencies in your operations. With real-time reporting, you’ll be able to make clearer decisions about fleet fuel management and enforce those decisions through monitoring.

Reduce your fleet’s fuel cost:

  • Detail reporting on milles-per-gallon for each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Visual reports on vehicle activity including fuel consumption, trips and engine running time.
  • Automatic alerts keep you informed in real-time fleet activities that could affect your fleet’s costs

This information will allow you to make high impact adjustments to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Preventative maintenance and organization tools

Using the Vehicle Management functionality tool, fleet managers can conveniently schedule and manage maintenance and repair needs for each vehicle in the fleet.

  • Set alerts for upcoming services, based on date and/or mileage parameters
  • Track and organize previous vehicle service and repairs
  • Conveniently store vehicle data for quick retrieval
  • Plan and schedule vehicle service

Owner/operator capabilities

Owners and operators can pre-set parameters and monitor the activity of every vehicle in the fleet, 24/7 via internet

  • Real time vehicle locating and tracking
  • Ability to remotely disable/enable the starter
  • Ability to remotely unlock the doors
  • Ability to create unlimited geofences, geographical boundaries of any size
  • Ability to pre-set all the events and alerts