Asset and personnel tracking

Live Tracking for Days at a Time with No Installation—Now That Just Makes Sense.

Able to be hidden anywhere, the Patrolman can be located by just the click of a mouse. When your asset (and the Patrolman) moves, you receive an alert, immediately.

Always be in control

  • Plug-&-play, self contained device, fits in the palm of your hand (No external antennas)
  • Low power consumption and 14 day long standby time
  • High tracking sensitivity for fast and accurate real-time reporting (2 – 5 minutes available)
  • Internet/Smart Phone mapping globally with 5 available map types
  • Geofence feature sends alert if the asset moves from customizable pre-defined area
  • Durable, lightweight, water and vibration resistant housing makes the device perfect for external & outdoor use.

Skypatrol's Patrolman

Benefits | Easy & Cost Effective

Peace of mind is only a click away. With no contracts, no activation fees and your first year of tracking included, what more can we say?
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Features | Better Coverage

Get up to 14 days on a single charge plus powerful active GPS & GSM antennas for coverage that can't be matched.
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Videos | Patrolman in Action

See how the Patrolman actually works to keep you aware of your assets and personnel locations at all times.
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Skypatrol Edge | We Built Everything

We built the device, created the firmware and paired it all with the most advanced, yet intuitive platform we have ever designed.
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