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People, autos, trucks and cargo – if your asset moves, we can track it.

Skypatrol’s leading-edge GPS hardware and software products were designed to help with the management and protection of mobile assets. A leader in the field with close to a million GPS devices in action in all corners of the world, Skypatrol has pioneered complete product solutions that solve customer needs and improve operational efficiency. Assets for: Vehicle Financing, New Car Sales, Fleet Management, Car Rentals and Workforce Management. Industry research estimates that as much as one-third of sub prime borrowers will default on their car loans. For auto dealers and finance companies, this poses as a major threat to their bottom line—especially when collateral has to be recovered. When asset recovery is necessary, don't waste time. Trust Skypatrol's Defender GPS device, voted #1 Platform at the 2014 M2M Evolution Conference.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Locate Stolen or Missing Vehicles

  • Real-time vehicle tracking 24/7 with Location History
  • Locate your vehicle in seconds from a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Text message and email alerts for speeding and perimeter violations
  • Easy to use software
  • Rugged, Water Reisistent Design
  • Users advanced GPS and cellular technology for broadest coverage
  • Insurance discounts and additional insurance coverage available
  • Vehicle Recovery area includes Mexico and Canada
  • Guaranteed Theft Recovery*
  • Easy Installation and Configuration
  • Register and Activate Product Instantly Online

One Platform. Multiple Products. Multiple Applications.

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