Track suspects, assets, agents or vehicles with one powerful device

GPS Based Private Investigator & Law Enforcement Monitoring Solutions

Law Enforcement, Private Investigation and Security Monitoring Solution

The Patrolman was specially designed for the Private Investigator and Law Enforcement field to improve covert surveillance.  The powerful long-life battery and compact “all-in-one” design makes the Patrolman easy to hide and trackable in real-time for up to 10 days.

Use the magnetic mount for a 2 second covert installation on a suspect’s vehicle and the extended battery kit for up to 4 months of tracking on a single charge!

  • Take on more cases without increasing your workforce
  • Platform upgrades at no cost
  • Increase arrests for law enforcement
  • More earning potential for private investigators



  • Email & SMS text alerts sent straight to your phone or computer
  • Monitor the location of any vehicle from any computer via the Internet
  • Geofence boundaries allow agents to be notified when a vehicle under surveillance leaves an area
  • Location & status reporting every 5 minutes in motion (1 minute & 10 second reporting is also available)
  • One-click reporting gives the entire story in easy to read spreadsheets and video playbacks
  • 1-Year of Airtime is Included