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Each year approximately 45,000 motorcycles are stolen. Sadly, only about one in three are ever recovered. *Interested in reducing buyer anxiety, improving your dealership’s CSI scores, securing your inventory and generating back-end revenue through the F&I office? GPS theft recovery solutions from Protek GPS, available exclusively through select Powersports dealers in the US, are designed to do that – and more.

*Source: NCIB’s Motorcycle ForeCAST 2013 Report


“We love the Protek GPS product by Skypatrol. LoJack had spotty coverage at best and the police needed special equipment. Skypatrol is GPS based so it’s traceable anywhere. Having tamper alerts and being able to set up and monitor your baby with geofences 24/7 is great peace of mind. Selling the Protek GPS product is easy. It typically costs a customer $20 per month to finance it on their loan and it generates $500 to $600 of back-end profit for the dealer – plus our customers are completely satisfied.”

Johnny Ridd, Business Manager
Harley-Davidson of Dallas


What is the greatest fear for Powersport owners? Having their bike or ATV stolen! Determined thieves are difficult to stop. But by installing a Protek GPS device, dealers empower owners to monitor, protect and recover their property. Owners will be notified by text and email if someone tampers with their bike.

Geofences can be created to form a virtual wall around your customer’s location and the Protek GPS system sends an instant alert if taken beyond defied boundaries. If it has been stolen and the thieves are on the run, our App for real-time tracking makes it possible for victims to tell the police precise turn-by-turn directions where there bike is headed.


Geofence Boundaries



Protek GPS Platform

Doing the right thing for customers is also the right opportunity for dealerships — where back-end gross profits through the F&I office are $500 on up. Product pricing is determined solely by the dealer. How else do Protek GPS devices benefit Powersports dealerships?

  • Remotely monitor the battery condition of every GPS equipped product on the lot. Receive alerts before it is time for a charge.
  • Protek GPS features advanced power management and a built-in back-up battery that prolongs and protects the life of the main battery.
  • Simple 3-wire installation and a durable water resistant all-weather case. Compact size makes secure placements easy.

“Protek GPS security has significantly added to my department’s profit. Most people are aware that theft is a big concern and are quick to add a product that can provide peace of mind. The installation is simple and the profit is amazing. In a nutshell, you are missing a large profit center if you are not carrying the Protek GPS brand.”

Mansor Thomas / Business Manager
Central Florida Powersports


“I owned that bike only 32 days before it was stolen! Within an hour of making the notifiations my bike was located and one of the suspects was arrested. One hour! It’s defiitely well worth the money and something I would suggest to anybody buying a bike.”

Justin Bankston
Houston, TX



National Coverage with Verizon Network

Why Protek GPS is Better :

  • Protek GPS is an active device and the system is constantly monitoring the vehicle. Owners are notified the moment the vehicle is stolen. With other products, it might be 8 hours later before you realize you are the victim of a theft. Why give the thieves a head start?
  • While some providers coverage is limited, Protek GPS devices work in all 50 states with nearly seamless coverage coast to coast.

Protek GPS creates innovative software solutions integrated with its proprietary GPS hardware and fimware to help businesses use robust data analytic tools to monitor, protect and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly machine-to-machine world. Protek GPS was awarded the #1 Platform by the M2M Evolution Conference. It serves many markets including vehicle fiance, flet management, mobile asset tracking, automobile dealerships, powersports and personal safety. Protek GPS is a global leader in GPS tracking solutions on a wide variety of platforms including GSM and CDMA cellular networks and Iridium satellites, serving customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


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