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GPS Technology to Keep Your Business on Top

With new technology coming out nearly every day, it’s important for fleet managers to stay up to date on everything that is going on. Vehicles are becoming more and more efficient and GPS is becoming more accurate and easier to implement. With new capabilities, fleet-based companies need to ensure that they are aware of how and when to use new technology, and understand how it can benefit their organization, from cost savings to increased performance.

At Skypatrol, our GPS tracking solutions, both hardware and software, are used to monitor and track where vehicles are located, the routes they are taking to get to their destination, and how efficient they are being on their way there. Whether you own or manage a local food delivery service or a fleet of freight vehicles that runs across the country, using the newest technology can ensure that your business is staying ahead of the game providing your employees and customers the best experience possible.

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Technology to Keep Your Business on Top


A combination of telecommunication and informatics, telematics works to provide data about fleet drivers and vehicles. When installed on a car, truck, or any other large motor vehicle, telematics allows management to receive large amounts of data, including:

  • The vehicle’s position
  • Speed
  • Trip distance
  • How long the vehicle has been running
  • Idling time
  • Sudden stopping or braking
  • Fuel use
  • Vehicle maintenance needs

When data is being delivered straight to fleet management, there are endless possibilities for improving driver performance and saving money for your business.

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Get it Delivered

We do live in a mobile world now, where you can look up anything you want in a matter of seconds. With so much technology available, why not have data and information delivered straight to your phone? Rather than waiting for paperwork from a driver, or reports from human resources, get information in real time in the palm of your hand. With GPS tracking solutions, you can see exactly where your drivers are, where they are headed, and determine an arrival time. If you run a dispatch company, you can determine the closest available vehicle in seconds and provide them the most direct route to where they need to be. This allows drivers to save time, gas, and vehicle mileage.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are still new on the scene, but the boom of driverless vehicles is in the very near future. And fleet-based businesses are the perfect industry to get a head start on the technology. For fleet businesses, they can look forward to a variety of benefits, including reduced personnel costs, which increases time to focus on other things, it can help lower the risks of human error, and help protect assets that are being delivered in human-driven vehicles today.

Data Analytics

Don’t just look for technology that provides data, but look for GPS tracking solutions that provide the right data, in the right way. Skypatrol hardware and software allows users to easily gather reports to help in decision making and problem-solving. Telematics with analytic capabilities can provide information that makes it easy to get a full view of the health of your fleet. View how much fuel is being used and where and how you can improve. Managers can look at delivery times and determine how to improve. Gathering data is easy, but if you need assistance reading it or organizing it in a productive way, the team at Skypatrol will be happy to help.

The technology of GPS tracking solutions and telematics is continuing to grow, making it essential for fleet managers to implement the devices and software. The technology at Skypatrol has been proven to provide companies with essential information that increases the performance of their drivers in order to save money.

If you want to learn more about what we have to offer or if you need help with installation of a GPS tracking device, get in touch with the team at Skypatrol today. We take pride in offering exceptional customer service in addition to superior products.