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GPS Tracking FAQ

Sky Patrol wants to make it easier to track, monitor, and protect your fleet, but what does that mean? What can our software do? How does it work? How is the data collected? If you have dozens of questions running through your mind, we want to provide straightforward answers so that you can start to better manage your fleet as soon as possible.

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When Does GPS Start Tracking?

This will depend on whether the GPS tracking device is passive or active.

  • Passive: These systems begin transferring data when either the car is turned on or the door is opened. The location, speed, and direction are recorded and the data can be downloaded when the device is locked into a base.
  • Active: This allows the car to be traced even when the device is turned off. If there isn’t a connection to transmit data, the device will switch to a passive system until the connection is better.
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How Often Is GPS Data Gathered?

This will depend on the device that is installed in the vehicle. Some have automated or continuous reporting modes and can report various types of data, including speed, driving behavior, and more. Some GPS tracking devices will log a GPS point once every second, but these may have higher costs.

How Is the Device Installed?

Devices can either be hardwired into the vehicle or they can simply be mounted onto a surface below the car. Both methods have their own positives and negatives. If you choose a GPS device that needs to be hardwired, consider the time it will take for your entire fleet to be equipped with the hardware. The team at Sky Patrol will ensure that you are fully aware of the process as well as the time it requires.

Will I see Improvements in Driving Behavior and Costs?

The improvements you see can depend on how well the tracking solutions are implemented and monitored in order to hold drivers accountable. When handled correctly, you can see improvements in:

  • Fuel expenses
  • Fewer accidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced overtime wages
  • Fewer miles and lower maintenance costs
  • When employees are aware at the very beginning that they’re vehicles will be monitored, they will be more likely to practice better driving habits from the start.

Will My Drivers Quit?

If this is a concern of yours, know that if an employee quits because a GPS tracking device is installed in their vehicle, they could be hiding something that could cost their employment either way. This will also give you an opportunity to find drivers who may be more suited to the position.

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Will I Be Trained on How to Use the System?

Sky Patrol strives to provide superior customer service throughout the process, from the moment you contact us to after the hardware is installed. The better you understand how to use the system, the more improvements you will see in behavior and costs. You can be confident that you will receive thorough training on our products as well as installation guides.

Where Are the GPS Tracking Devices Installed?

Many devices can simply be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic port. Others require just a few wires for functionality and can quickly be installed. Mounted devices can be placed below the car for easy access and often have better usability due to them having a better connection.

Sky Patrol knows the importance of being able to track and monitor your fleet. Being able to have eyes on certain types of data will help you better manage the vehicles and drivers in order to lower costs and improve employee performance. If you have any other questions or if you’re looking to install car GPS tracking devices on your fleet, get in touch with our team today.