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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Asset Tracking

Sometimes you’ve got people you need to track. GPS Asset trackers are easy to use, wireless tracking systems that will help you keep tabs on the people you care about.

At Skypatrol, we offer a couple of different wireless GPS asset tracking systems. Both of our trackers have the ability to be tracked from computers and mobile devices. FInd out how our GPS asset trackers can add ease into your life by making sure your loved ones are safe and where they’re supposed to be.

Better Than Smart Phone Trackers

Most smart phones these days have the ability to track the phone’s location via GPS. However, this isn’t always the best solution. Durable GPS asset trackers are far more reliable than internal smart phone trackers. We won’t ask you who you’re wanting to track, but the list could include small children, seniors, or even parolees – all of whom may not have smart phones anyway.


Most built-in smart phone GPS tracking systems perform poorly outside of big cities. Our GPS asset tracking devices are made to be reliable in any area because they have internal antennas. They also have a limited amount of functions, making the signal stronger. The batteries in our systems also use low power consumption with a long standby time, ensuring you will be able to track your family without worrying about a dead battery.


Know exactly where your family members are at all times. Whether you’re tracking your children or other family members, you need quick updates on their locations. You can’t keep your eyes on them at all times, but knowing their locations or if they’re in danger is a relief.

As your children start to get a little bit older, they may be travelling places without you. Even a daily task such as walking to the bus stop in the morning makes your children vulnerable to either getting lost or abducted. I know it’s scary to think about, but these things can happen. If you’re already at work by the time your child leaves for the bus, wouldn’t it be a relief to check their location and see that they made it safely to school? There are also times like play dates where other adults may be supervising your child’s actions. How much can you trust them? What if they lose sight of your child? Feel secure by knowing that your children are in the locations you expect them to be with GPS tracking solutions.

Older family members are also susceptible to getting lost, so tracking their location may be beneficial to you. When older family members live alone, knowing that they made it to the grocery store safely will give you a sense of relief. Asset GPS tracking systems often come with emergency or SOS notification buttons. This added safety feature can immediately warn you that your loved one is in danger and needs assistance.

Our GPS Asset Trackers

Both of the GPS Asset Trackers that we offer come equipped with consumer-friendly apps so you have control over your devices. But each one comes with a few unique features. Find out which one is right for you and the safety of your family:

Our conspicuous SP8824 tracker can be placed in a pocket or bag on a person. You can receive up-to-date movement and custom destination alerts. This tracker comes with an alert button that can be pressed to deliver instant custom notifications via SMS text or email to the person tracking. The SP8824 runs on LTE networks.

Our advanced SP8703 personal tracking device has a super-sensitive GPS with extreme location accuracy. This tracker features even lower power consumption and a rechargeable battery. It comes with a smart SOS button to alert the person tracking that the trackee is in danger. The SP8703 runs on 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks for even faster reliability.

Protect Your Family and Your Assets With Skypatrol

Here at Skypatrol, we are committed to supplying you with the most accurate and reliable GPS trackers. Aside from our personal GPS asset trackers, we also offer car-based tracking devices for many purposes.

Our list of tracking solutions include Fleet Command, Defender, and Protek+. Our individual devices are catered to the type of tracking or vehicle you need. We can service personal or company tracking issues with specific devices for personal or company cars, trucks, and vans – even motorcycles. Contact us today if you have any questions.