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The Many Jobs of A Fleet Manager, Part 2

In the previous blog post, the fleet management software experts at Skypatrol discussed the many jobs of a fleet manager. We’ll continue with that topic today, with even more jobs that fleet management experts are required to perform on a daily basis.

A Fleet Manager Is…

A Leader of People

While fleet managers deal with money, maps, and mechanical schedules, they must also deal with people—most notably, their fleet drivers. A great fleet manager must provide quite a few things to the drivers of their business, including route planning service and advice, traffic updates (more on this later), and of course, strong leadership.

Fleet drivers are often put in a difficult, contradictory position: they must make deliveries and pickups as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also being as safe and responsible as possible. Not exactly an easy task. It’s the job of the fleet manager to make sure that drivers feel like they’re not being pulled in two different directions—to prove to them that safety truly comes first—so they can feel comfortable, safe, and productive while on the job.

How do fleet managers accomplish this? Ultimately, it takes clear communication, decisive decision-making, and an open ear to employee needs and ideas to make sure employees feel like they’re safe, understood, and taken care of.

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A Customer Service Rep

While fleet managers have to deal with their own employees, they also have to deal with a trickier tribe: customers. Customers of fleet businesses are often trying to run businesses of their own—a task that isn’t easy in any market—so if something goes wrong on the end of the fleet business, it’s no surprise that customers might not be happy about that.

Fleet managers must be masters of customer service and communication—this is what brings new customers into the fold and keeps old customers around. They must be able to smooth over mistakes, solve problems, and make the experience easy for their customers—and that means they must be clear, polite, and direct with every customer interaction.

A Traffic Soothsayer

Sending a fleet driver straight into a traffic jam could have many consequences: It increases the risk of a late delivery (which could anger the customer), as well as the potential for accidents on the road. The best fleet managers must know the roads in their area inside and out, and have a clear understanding of when certain roads might experience congestion. By sending drivers down clear roads, fleet businesses will be safer and more efficient—and that makes the customers, drivers, and business finances a little bit happier.

How Do They Do It All?

Fleet managers have a lot to juggle on a daily basis—and they need all the assistance they can get to keep their fleet businesses on track. Fortunately, that’s where Skypatrol’s Fleet Command can help. By using GPS tracking solutions, real-time traffic data, and a state-of-the-art interface, fleet managers can keep their businesses on track. Schedule a demo of Fleet Command today.