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The One Secret to Lowering Fleet Fuel Costs

Do you manage small to medium fleet? Have you grown weary of the fluctuating fuel costs from month to month? At Skypatrol, we understand. It can be tough to solidify expenses so you can work on saving money and growing your fleet. What’s more, the fluctuation in cost makes it seem like fuel is a variable you can’t pin down. But what if there was a secret to stabilizing fuel costs for your fleet? At Skypatrol, we’ve discovered the secret, and we want to share it with you.

In this post, we’ll share the secret to reducing fleet fuel costs, and the five ways you can improve fuel efficiency. If you don’t want to wait, contact Skypatrol today! We offer fleet management software that allows you to make data-based decisions. In the meantime, read on to learn more.

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The Secret to Lowering Fleet Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are an obligatory expense every fleet manager faces. Without fuel, the fleet won’t run. If the fleet is not running, you, the fleet manager, face the consequences; either you don’t have a job, or your business goes under. You may have tried tracking mileage, routes, fuel usage, and more to reduce the cost of fuel from month-to-month, but it’s a huge hassle. Your drivers are annoyed with all the data collecting you claim is beneficial to their job, and you’re probably getting tired of the collection process.

What’s the secret to reducing and stabilizing fuel costs for your fleet? GPS. Adding a GPS tracking device to each vehicle gathers all the data you’ve been collecting manually all in one place. Combine this with the Skypatrol fleet management software, and you’ll be able to track, maintain, and optimize your fleet from the office.

A GPS tracking solution will allow you to manage engine idle time, monitor driver’s speeds, optimize routes, manage vehicle records, and maintain vehicle components with ease. Not only will you be able to track your fleet, but you can use the data GPS delivers to you and improve fuel efficiency.

Five Ways to Improve Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Fleet fuel efficiency can save you thousands every year. It could be enough to add more vehicles to the fleet, or better maintain the fleet you have. No matter how you decide to use the extra cash flow, here are five fuel efficiency tips to consider:

Tip #1 – Reduce Engine Idle Time

When an engine idles, it uses fuel. Stopping at a red light, stop sign, or yielding at intersections are unavoidable engine idle time; however, there are engine idle situations that a GPS tracking device can help you reduce or avoid altogether: parked engine idle, keeping the vehicle cabin warm while waiting, powering the air conditioner, and more.

With GPS tracking, you can review the vehicle’s route, where it spent its time, and how long it idled all within Skypatrol’s fleet management software. This way you don’t have to rely on your driver’s to provide you information, interrupt profit generating activities, or worry if the information is correct. A GPS tracking solution does it all for you.

Tip #2 – Monitor Driving Speeds

Through cities, traffic lights are synched to allow for the most consistent vehicle movement possible. That’s why you may see the Main Street traffic lights switch to green as vehicles travel along it. This is the most busy street, and the consistent movement reduces fuel usage, increases traffic flow, and encourages driving the speed limit.

A GPS tracking solution is able to monitor driving speeds on your fleet. This allows you to ensure your drivers are following the speed laws and better serve their ability to stop less at lights, drop offs/pickups, and for fuel.

Tip #3 – Optimize Fleet Routes

Have you ever considered eliminating left-hand turns from as many fleet routes as possible? It seems like an odd thing to do, but left-hand turns typically cause a delay in a route, and it costs more in fuel due to idling at stop lights or for oncoming traffic.

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Your GPS tracking solution within the Fleet Management Software allows you to monitor current routes, adjust them, and start saving on fuel costs as a result.

Tip #4 – Inspect Vehicle Records

Comparing fuel costs to fuel mileage can be a necessary obligation as a fleet manager. But what if you could do all of that through your GPS tracking solution? Monitor vehicle fuel usage and cost, as well as prevent fuel theft with a GPS tracking device. You can see where your fleet stops and moves to stay on top of any nefarious activity.

Tip #5 – Improve Vehicle Maintenance

If you maintain a medium to large fleet, you will need to keep up with vehicle maintenance. It’s an obligation you can’t avoid, so why not make it easier on yourself? Within you fleet management software, you can use GPS to track miles traveled, fuel used, and potential maintenance warnings. When you proactively stay on top of maintenance, you save money over the long run as compared to fixing vehicles constantly.

Discover Your GPS Tracking Solution

Skypatrol has been serving fleets that are small and medium for years. We offer a comprehensive fleet management software that will help you reduce fuel costs and increase fuel efficiency. Add a GPS tracking device to each of your vehicles and take advantage of the technology available to you. Want to take your fleet management to the next level? Contact Skypatrol today!