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Tips For Cutting Your Fuel Costs, Part 2

America was built upon the wheels of cars. For decades, our country grew, but things really took off with the creation and mass production of Henry Ford’s iconic Model-T. Now, we can go faster, and travel further. We have more accessories than ever, like the car GPS tracking device, crystal clear quality speakers, cup holders, for heaven’s sake.

That’s all wonderful, and we love our cars, but here’s an unpleasant truth at the heart of it all. Without gas, we’re not going anywhere, and gas prices have a nasty habit of going up frequently. If you’re independently wealthy, that doesn’t matter too much, but most of us aren’t rich. But before you sink into despair, keep reading. We put together a listing recently of useful tips to help you save a few bucks on gas. Now, we’d like to share more of our fuel saving tips.

  • Suppose you go to the grocery store Monday, get your haircut Tuesday, and get the oil change done Wednesday? Well, you’re wasting money due to fuel inefficiency. Every time you turn your car ignition on, it takes a little time to warm up before it begins to run efficiently. When you combine errands, you’re allowing the engine to run longer, and more efficiently, which saves you money.
  • Most of us know someone who absolutely loads up the trunk of their vehicle with stuff they don’t need. If you don’t know that person, you probably are that person. Problem is, that extra weight forces your car to work a little harder constantly, which uses more gas than it really needs to. Clean out your trunk and leave the bare minimum of things in it. You can find another place to store your cinder block collection.
  • Speaking of things you don’t always need, you know those racks that are frequently strapped to the tops of SUV’s? While those can be extremely useful, they cut down the aerodynamics of your vehicle, and add extra weight. They don’t always need to be on unless they are in use. If you’re going for a ski vacation in Colorado, great. But if you’re in the middle of Nebraska, it’s time to take the rack off.
  • You probably knew this already, but it bears repeating. If you need to stop your car for more than a minute, turn the engine off. Idling isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your wallet. While diesel engines are more efficient at fuel consumption, in the grand scheme of things you’re better off by simply turning things off.
  • Remember how earlier we said that not everyone is independently wealthy? That’s particularly true when it comes to repairs. Maybe you’re putting off a vehicle fix because you’re saving for an awesome vacation, or maybe it’s just a strain on your budget. Frequently, a vehicular issue can increase fuel consumption, and cost you more money until the problem is solved. Do what you need to do and get the vehicle fixed. Otherwise, the problem will just get worse and cost you more.