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Why Use a Vehicle Fleet Tracking System?

Losing track of certain items is a natural part of life we all experience at one point or another. We might drop our phone in the cracks of a couch, or forget our keys as we close our door, or even just forget where we just set down the TV remote. It’s a natural part of our imperfect humanity, albeit a frustrating one at times, to lose track of certain items that we rely on. Sometimes, it’s not a very big deal; you either find the item pretty quickly after you lost it, or you don’t and the item wasn’t very important or irreplaceable in the first place. But sometimes, it is a big deal. Sometimes, it can be an extremely important item that we have lost or misplaced, one that is high in either monetary value or personal value, and no matter how hard we search or trace back our steps, we simply cannot find it. Sometimes, in our desperation and delusion, we just hope that the item will magically reappear for us, or we think that if only there was some way we could be notified of its exact location. But it almost never happens.

Now, imagine you are managing a large fleet of vehicles that your employees or customers rely on everyday to get somewhere or do their job. These aren’t just TV remotes or wallets or keys; losing track of these vehicles or having to search for them can cause irreparable damage to your business, whether it’s losses to your financial growth, or causing delays and hurting your efficiency and reputation. If only there was some way that you could be notified of their exact location and condition, whenever you need…

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Vehicle Fleet Tracking From Sky Patrol

That’s where the Fleet Command software and hardware from Sky Patrol comes in. With this incredible software, now you can be instantly notified of the location and status of every vehicle in your fleet, whenever you need it. Instead of desperately hoping for the best, you can take control of your inventory and have the locational information you need to keep your vehicle fleet in your control, and operating at peak performance. A vehicle fleet tracking system like Fleet Command offers the technological innovation and control that will ensure you will never lose track or mismanage any vehicle in your fleet ever again.

However, as effective as Fleet Command is at offering reliable fleet tracking system software, it does much more than simply notify you of the location of your fleet vehicles. With Fleet Command, you will be able to improve and optimize your vehicle fleet operations and efficiency like never before.

Real Time Location, 24/7

With Fleet Command, you can pull up the location of any fleet vehicle at any time, whether it's out on the road, or parked away in your inventory. Instead of radio calling drivers or combing through the rows of your parking lot, you will have fast and easy access to precise GPS locations of every fleet vehicle you manage. Having access to this level of detailed location information will improve the efficiency of your business’s day-to-day operations, as well as giving you the peace of mind you need as a vehicle fleet manager. Ensure that you will never lose track or mismanage a fleet vehicle again, with Fleet Command.

Improve Driver Behavior

Not only does Fleet Command constantly track the location of your vehicles, it also provides real-time metrics about vehicle performance and driver behavior. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate to any vehicle in your fleet, and pull up a variety of important information on it’s operation, like speed, time spent idling, and locations based on appointment time. With this kind of awareness and control over your fleet vehicles, you can ensure that your drivers are following company speed limits, arriving at appointments on time, not idling for too long, and taking fuel efficient routes. And your business operations will reap the reward with the consistently improved and efficient behavior of your drivers.

Utilize Tracking Data to Improve Operations

Any vehicle fleet manager is looking to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their fleet operation at every opportunity that can. Fleet Command gives you the data and metrics analysis you need to do just that. By keeping the necessary tabs on all of your fleet vehicles, Fleet Command collects valuable data about their operations, data that can direct your business optimization strategy going forward. With intuitive user-interface, Fleet Command turns disparate data into data with context, giving you the comprehensive direction to improve day to day operations and strive for peak performance.

Vehicle Fleet Tracking Services - Sky Patrol

While Fleet Command can't keep track of your wallet, or tell you where that lost item is from years ago, it can effectively track every vehicle in your fleet, and cultivate the growth and efficiency of your business operations. With reliable accuracy, continuous data collection, and intuitive user interface, you will be able to track and maintain each of the vehicles in your fleet with ease. By implementing Fleet command into your business practice and operation, you will have the tools you need to optimize your fleet management, and help your business reach its full potential. Contact Sky Patrol today to see how Fleet Command can revolutionize the way you manage your vehicle fleet.