One of the biggest reasons that companies are unsure about implementing GPS tracking devices within their organization is the fact that the hardware is violating the driver’s privacy. There are also many other misconceptions out there regarding these devices, but Skypatrol wants all of our customers to know the real motivation behind implementing these products – to provide meaningful data that can be used to save money, reduce the number of accidents, and improve employee’s performance. Learn what the biggest misconceptions are and contact our team today to learn more about our GPS hardware and software.

Misconceptions About GPS Tracking Devices

We Trust Our Employees, so GPS Isn’t Necessary

Believe it or not, you can trust your employees while also wanting to implement GPS tracking hardware. This is because the devices are meant to inform management on vehicle maintenance needs and driver behavior, whether it’s the routes they’re taking or how much gas they use. This type of information will make it possible for a company to see what areas they can improve, save money, offer higher quality services to their customers, and find ways to protect the drivers.

Our Drivers Will Quit

Many businesses believe that their employees will have a negative reaction to having a GPS tracking device installed on their vehicle. No business owner wants any portion of their staff to quit at the same time, especially after implementing something that is meant to help them. However, many business owners have found that after using Skypatrol products, that their employees actually appreciate having information that they can rely on in order to improve their performance. With GPS, the driver, the vehicle, and the goods that they are carrying are more secure.

GPS Devices Are Complicated

As with any new hardware or software, there may be a learning curve. But the technicians at Skypatrol want to assure you that our products are easy to install and the software needed to analyze the data is user-friendly. When you become familiar with each aspect of the product, we’re confident that you will enjoy looking over the data to look for areas of improvement. If you do come across any challenges in setting up the hardware or understanding how the software works, we have installation guides for all of our products and a support team in place to answer any of your questions.

There Are Other Options

If you’re using a smartphone or an app that tracks your fleet, you may be getting the job done, but you’re probably not aware of what you’re missing with complete GPS tracking products. Skypatrol offers hardware that can track the real-time location of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, including the engine and brakes, how fast the car is going, how much gas it’s used, and much more. When you really want to receive thorough and complete data, an app or tablet doesn’t have the capability.

GPS Tracking Devices Are All the Same

While on the surface, these devices track and monitor a vehicle, there is technology that is unique to each piece and users are able to choose which device best suits their needs and wants. Take a look at some of the GPS hardware products we offer and notice some of the distinguishing features. The SP8600 Series, for example, has Over Speed Management; the SP7401 has geofencing and polyfencing; and the TT8750N+ has a map link feature. If you’re interested in GPS tracking, we have a unique solution for you.

It’s Not Affordable

While this is an understandable concern, businesses should keep in mind that there are a variety of products that require an upfront cost, but which will help lower costs later on. Take energy-efficient appliances for example, or solar, these can be costly products, but they will eventually lower a homeowner’s utility bills. Now, consider how much your drivers are spending on gas every day. By implementing a method of monitoring and improving gas mileage, you will eventually save money on this expense.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to give GPS tracking devices a try, and you have used one or more of these misconceptions as arguments against the technology, we urge you to contact Skypatrol to set up a demo of the software. We are confident that once you see it in practice, and are able to visualize how you can save your company money, improve productivity, and help protect your drivers, you will want to try it for yourself.

Skypatrol offers superior technology and customer service and we can’t wait for you to start improving the performance of your drivers and start saving money.