1. Important Considerations for Fleet Managers

    If you are responsible for managing a commercial fleet, you know about all the challenges related to managing mobile assets.   The following are some factors you should consider in searching for ways to improve your visibility into providing better customer service and protecting your drivers and assets.   Safety The most important factor in fleet management is avoiding preventable hazards and …Read More

  2. Improving Dealership Profits

    If you’re running a car dealership or looking to start one in the future, profit margins are (and will always be) on your mind. There’s a lot of funding needed (and a lot of financial risk taken) when working in car sales industry—so if you’re not seeing healthy profits, there could be heavy consequences for your business and your finances. In this blog, Skypatrol will give you a few tips …Read More

  3. Prevención de Riesgos Para Conductores de Ambulancia

    Hay miles de vehículos viajando en nuestras rutas cada día. Aparte de ellos hay varios tipos de ambulancias respondiendo a cientos de miles de llamadas. En el conductor de Ambulancia recae una tremenda responsabilidad. Las ambulancias están diseñados para llevar con seguridad el personal y el equipamiento a la escena de una emergencia y para transportar la preciosa carga humana necesitada de c…Read More

  4. Walking The Line Between Privacy and Efficiency

    Not long ago, Jeffrey N. Shane, the former Under Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, was quoted as saying, “The promise of GPS technology for increasing safety and security, reducing congestion, and improving efficiency is limitless. Quite simply, GPS has become the enabling technology for transportation.” For anyone involved in fleet management services, this comes …Read More

  5. Safe Driving Tips While Using Your GPS

    These days, distracted driving is a serious problem for American motorists. According to a study performed in 2013, there were 3,154 vehicular fatalities caused by a distracted driver, and approximately 424,000 people were injured. As more people utilize smartphones and GPS, those numbers are just going up. But if your company uses fleet GPS, that can put you in a somewhat tricky position. You nee…Read More

  6. GPS Solutions for Rental Car Companies

    Running a rental car company isn’t easy. Vehicles need constant maintenance, finances need constant monitoring, and renters add an element of unpredictability to the mix. No wonder so many rental car companies have troubled reputations and miserable profit margins—it’s not easy organizing and managing everything that goes into running an efficient rental fleet. That’s where Skypatrol can h…Read More

  7. Skypatrol For Car Dealerships

    Skypatrol is a world leader in GPS solutions that keep people and property safe and help businesses grow—that’s been our passion as a company since day one. That passion has been a huge asset to fleet managers of all kinds, allowing them to run their businesses with unrivaled efficiency and unmatched security. In this blog, we’ll explain how fleet managers of rental car businesses, commercia…Read More

  8. 5 Misconceptions About Fleet Management Services

    There’s a single reason we’re involved in the fleet management services industry. Simply put, it works. The math adds up.What we do, and what we’ve learned from others, enables companies to do business faster, more efficiently, and more safely. That’s why we’re excited and proud to be on the vanguard of an emerging technology with GPS. It’s relatively new, having been launched in 1973 …Read More

  9. Traffic Avoidance Tips

    There are a number of reasons why we’re happy to be in the fleet management services industry. One of them is the satisfaction of getting busy professionals where they need to be. The other is avoiding traffic jams. We suspect we’re not alone, but one of the worst things to be created in the 20th century is the traffic jam. There’s something immensely satisfying about altering your GPS route…Read More

  10. Tips For Cutting Your Fuel Costs, Part 3

    We think there’s a reason cars have proven to be more popular in America instead of virtually anywhere else. They represent freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of intention. Even if there are things you have to do, such as work or running errands, your car is like a little home away from home. Heck, if you get lost, you just turn on whatever GPS tracking solutions you like, and you’re back o…Read More