1. Industries That Use GPS Tracking

    There’s no doubt that companies across all industries seek out different methods to save money and improve the performance of their employees. Different business will all have various strategies, but if you’re in an industry that involves a fleet of vehicles, there’s one strategy that you should consider — GPS tracking solutions. If you work in one of the following fields, it’s important…Read More

  2. Common Uses for Car GPS Tracking Devices

    Living in the modern world that we do, GPS tracking is becoming more and more common, and not just for your smartphone or getting directions to a restaurant in your car. There are a variety of beneficial ways in which we can use GPS tracking hardware and software to protect our belongings, feel safe while driving, and more. At Skypatrol, we are a leader in developing GPS tracking devices that are …Read More

  3. GPS Tracking FAQ

    Sky Patrol wants to make it easier to track, monitor, and protect your fleet, but what does that mean? What can our software do? How does it work? How is the data collected? If you have dozens of questions running through your mind, we want to provide straightforward answers so that you can start to better manage your fleet as soon as possible. When Does GPS Start Tracking? This will depend on whe…Read More

  4. Types of GPS Tracking Devices

    You’ve probably seen the movies where a spy sneakily sticks on a pack of cards sized piece of hardware to the bottom of a car, or in the inside of a trunk, and the car drives away, leaving the spy able to track exactly where the car is. But then there are other movies where there is a quarter sized piece of hardware that does the same thing. So what is the difference between these pieces of equi…Read More

  5. How Does GPS Work?

    How often do you pull out your phone, open up your favorite maps app, and look up directions to your friend’s house, the mall, or maybe even more often, find out where you are in the first place? Even though not so long ago, we had to rely on actual paper maps to navigate us to where we want to go, it’s as easy as a couple taps on our phone and we’re on our way. GPS tracking solutions have c…Read More

  6. Saving on Fleet Fuel Expenses

    Fuel is the second-largest expense (next to depreciation) for fleet businesses — and it’s the most unpredictable expense as well. With market prices for fuel ebbing and flowing, fleet vehicles aging, and fleet drivers taking unexpected trips to McDonald’s or the mall, it’s hard to project what your fleet-wide fuel expense is going to be year over year. When it comes to fleet fuel expenses,…Read More

  7. Ways to Save Your Fleet Money

    While excellent customer service and brand awareness are crucial to fleet success, it all comes down to dollars and cents in the end. If your fleet isn’t financially stable and sustainable, it’s not going to last long in what is a highly competitive industry. As a fleet manager, you must reduce fleet costs for improved efficiency and profitability. In this blog from the fleet management softwa…Read More

  8. Managing Fleet Vehicle Depreciation

    If you’re a fleet manager, depreciation of fleet vehicles is always on your mind. Before you know it, your new fleet vehicles will be aging and depreciating by the mile, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Vehicle depreciation, alongside fuel expenses, will always be the two primary expenses of fleet businesses — but with the right mindset, proper management strategies, and a little hel…Read More

  9. Predictive Analytics and Fleet Management Software

    Predictive analytics, or the use of raw data and statistics to predict future outcomes, has become a hot commodity in the world of sports over the past decade. Starting with moneyballers like Billy Bean and the Oakland A’s, GMs and sports statisticians have been able to gain a better understanding of what has happened statistically in the past, and what is most likely to happen in the future, to…Read More

  10. Fleet Management Sofware: 2049

    If futuristic films like Blade Runner 2049 taught us anything in 2017, it’s that thinking about the future—especially in the world of technology—is exhilarating. While some folks have a fear of the unknown, others obsess over the limitless possibilities that future technologies can bring—and for the fleet management software professionals at Skypatrol, that means we’re obsessing over the…Read More