1. Tools to Improve Your Fleet Management Skills

    Managing a small fleet can be a breeze, regardless of what kinds of management systems you’re using. However, your perfect management system, style, and tools might not work as well once your fleet starts growing. Success and growth is a good thing for your fleet—but if you’re not ready to handle more data, more fleet vehicles, more employees, and more problems, you might struggle to perform…Read More

  2. The Many Jobs of A Fleet Manager

    Sometimes, a job title doesn’t quite explain exactly what a job is all about—and this is definitely true when it comes to fleet managers. There are so many skill sets that fleet managers must have to be successful. In this blog, the fleet management software experts at Skypatrol will take a look at all of the jobs that are required within the job title of fleet manager—and it should be no su…Read More

  3. The Many Jobs of A Fleet Manager, Part 2

    In the previous blog post, the fleet management software experts at Skypatrol discussed the many jobs of a fleet manager. We’ll continue with that topic today, with even more jobs that fleet management experts are required to perform on a daily basis. A Fleet Manager Is… A Leader of People While fleet managers deal with money, maps, and mechanical schedules, they must also deal with people—m…Read More

  4. The Gripes of Fleet Managers

    Fleet managers work tirelessly to help their businesses grow and make sure their drivers are performing at their best and safest--and since the fleet industry has been growing at a rapid rate since 2010, it appears their hard work is paying off. However, fleet managers still have quite a bit to gripe about. In this blog, the fleet management software professionals at Skypatrol will discuss some of…Read More

  5. Creating a Fleet Management Strategy

    The best fleets in the business are the ones that are the most effectively managed—which is why a great fleet manager is worth his weight in gold. But what makes a great fleet manager great? Ultimately, it’s a solid fleet management strategy that drives a fleet business, and helps them find short-term and long-term success. In this blog, the fleet management software team at Skypatrol will giv…Read More

  6. Pros & Cons of In-Vehicle Cameras

    One of the biggest challenges in the fleet industry today is improving driver safety and behavior on the road—it only takes a split second for an accident to happen that can endanger the fleet driver, other drivers, and even the perception of the fleet business as a whole. Even if there is no accident, erratic driving habits can put many people at risk, and lead to a poor public perception of yo…Read More

  7. Fleet Driver Safety Tips

    If you’re a fleet driver spending a lot of long hours on the road in your big rig, safety is your number one priority. There are so many different obstacles that the road and the world can throw in front of you to compromise your well-being—that’s why it’s important to be aware of common safety problems on the road so you can have a smooth ride. In this blog, the fleet management software …Read More

  8. The Sub-Prime Industry

    According to CNN Money, delinquency of subprime car loans is at 5 percent—the highest level since 1996. And with over $1 trillion in auto loan debt across the country, it’s becoming more and more difficult for auto lenders to collect on that debt. In this blog, the buy here pay here software experts at Skypatrol will discuss what BHPH lenders need to be successful in such a tough industry, and…Read More

  9. BHPH Late Payments

    Buy-here-pay-here (BHPH) dealerships and subprime auto loans are becoming a popular option for consumers across the country. But with an increase in loans for those with subprime credit (FICO below 600), there’s an increase in late payments and defaults. In this blog, the buy here pay here software software experts at Skypatrol will  break down the statistics behind subprime auto lending, the r…Read More

  10. Biggest BHPH Mistakes

    With over 15 percent of vehicle purchases coming from BHPH lots, and more people opening BHPH businesses than ever before, the time is now to enter the BHPH industry. However, selling cars is no cakewalk—there are plenty of mistakes to be made when entering such a competitive and highly complex field. In this blog, Skypatrol will outline some of the biggest mistakes BHPH businesses can make—so…Read More