Protect Your Collateral and Improve Cash Flow

Banks, credit unions, auto finance companies, and BHPH dealers have an opportunity to improve the management and oversight of consumer vehicle loans. By combining our Skypatrol GPS mobile tracking devices with our award winning software – we can provide lenders a cost effective means of maintaining a positive and profitable relationship with their customers.

Bank/Auto Finance


If you are lending to companies that finance high-risk borrowers or lending directly to high-risk borrowers, Defender can help you increase on time payments, curb defaults, and efficiently repossess vehicles if necessary. The Defender platform is also the market leader in providing the information you need to make data-driven decisions.

Credit Unions


Would you like to extend financing to more people with challenging credit? With this comes increased challenges and risks. Now, there’s a solution you can count on to help accomplish both of your goals while providing better service and support for your members.

Buy Here, Pay Here


Industry data estimates that as many as one third of your customers may default. It is critical you have the technology, innovation and tools to best manage your portfolio and asset recovery process.


How It Works


The Performance of Skypatrol’s GPS and Cellular antennas score over TWICE as efficient as the competitor. This can mean the difference between locating a vehicle — or not.

In today’s dynamic economic climate, even the best-intentioned prime consumers can default on loan payments. Sub-prime lending, while it can be very profitable, has more consistent risks. Yet, there is increased pressure to expand your auto market share which can mean extending financing to more people with challenging credit.

Skypatrol gives financial institutions the flexibility they need to protect and monitor their collateral giving them complete visibility and control of their assets. With Defender, lenders can effectively reduce loss, increase efficiency — and ultimately boost portfolio performance.

For financial institutions operating across the United States, Defender offers reliable nationwide coverage through Verizon Wireless — making it easy to track and manage vehicles from anywhere. We are a direct source of proprietary GPS products: hardware and software with final product assembly, quality assurance testing and customer support are all located in the US.

Skypatrol’s Suite of Solutions to Manage the Lifetime of the Loan

Data Verification Tool

Features Exclusive to Skypatrol

  • Our secure Smart Phone Install App auto-populates data, pairs the GPS device to the vehicle, eliminates manual data entry and allows for an instant install confirmation in the field.
  • Skypatrol’s Data Verification Tool efficiently helps you qualify applicants and validates information they or references provide using the Discovery Search. The Recovery Search makes it possible to locate vehicles by revealing vital information on known associates and family as well as asset data for financial restitution. “Our delinquency rate was 17-22%, now after just a couple of months with Skypatrol and using the Data Verification Tool it is down to 13 to 17%!”

New Features for 2016

  • Our Protek GPS App turns the device already installed into a profit center for dealers by licensing use of the GPS to help customers to monitor and recover their vehicle if it is stolen. Now, the entire cost of the GPS and your profit is funded by reselling the GPS service.
  • With Skypatrol’s eMessage Payment Reminder feature, your customers will receive an SMS Text message or Email several days before their payment is due. It helps customers pay on time, keeps your relationship positive and accelerates cash flow.
  • Remote Auto Payment allows your customers to pay with credit or debit cards through their phones or computers or with cash at convenient stores. It was designed to reduce your delinquencies by giving customers the opportunity to make payments without delays.


Remote Auto Payment


Geofence Boundaries

  • Our one-click Repo Mode Tool (Patent Pending) gives secure device access to recovery teams alerting them to the current location of the vehicle as well as locations visited so that they can accurately determine where the vehicle will be.
  • Set custom Geofence Boundaries when vehicles leave your state, city, or any predefined area such as an impound lot.
  • AutoBatch for DMS makes it possible to automate DMS-driven M2M commands to those in default by leveraging the power of an existing DMS to output a list of defaulting customers and the type of action that is required eliminating personnel-intensive manual data entry.

Who Carries Your GPS Data Communications?

Verizon is the Exclusive CDMA Carrier for Skypatrol GPS

The 2014 Midyear RootMetrics US National RootScore Report shows that Verizon is the leading mobile network in nearly all aspects of testing, sweeping overall performance, network reliability, and network speed. Verizon was also the top-performing network in the data and call categories. RootMetrics®, is the standard for independent mobile performance information.

Skypatrol creates innovative software solutions integrated with its proprietary GPS hardware and firmware to help business use robust data analytic tools to monitor, protect and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly machine-to-machine world. Skypatrol was awarded the #1 Platform by the M2M Evolution Conference. It serves many markets including vehicle finance, fleet management, mobile asset tracking, automobile dealerships, powersports and personal safety. Skypatrol is a global leader in GPS tracking solutions on a wide variety of platforms including GSM and CDMA cellular networks and Iridium satellites, serving customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit



Defender Award-Winning Capabilities & Features for the 21st Century

Voted the #1 Platform at the 2014 M2M Evolution Conference, Defender raises the bar as the most advanced vehicle management software solution available today. Running on a CDMA wireless network through a partnership with Verizon, Defender delivers reliable, comprehensive nationwide coverage when and where you need it.


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