1. ProtekGPS: The Ultimate Tool for Any Car Dealership

    For any car dealership, your fleet of vehicles are your babies. Your entire business revolves around them, their quality, and their reliability, and while you have to eventually let them go into the big wide world, the more you can manage, advertise, and sell them properly, the more likely your business is to benefit. But as important as your fleet of vehicles are, the other large part of your dea…Read More

  2. Essential Safety Measures to Teach Your Drivers

    The U.S. to this day has one of the highest rates of traffic-related deaths per 1 million people. Just as concerning is the fact that there has been at least 1 traffic fatality per 100 million annual vehicle miles traveled (VMT) every year since 2015, including some 1.13 traffic casualties per 100 million VMT in 2018 (when approximately 12 million vehicles were involved in a crash). In light of t…Read More

  3. Why Use a Vehicle Fleet Tracking System?

    Losing track of certain items is a natural part of life we all experience at one point or another. We might drop our phone in the cracks of a couch, or forget our keys as we close our door, or even just forget where we just set down the TV remote. It’s a natural part of our imperfect humanity, albeit a frustrating one at times, to lose track of certain items that we rely on. Sometimes, it’s no…Read More

  4. How a GPS Fleet Tracker Can Support Your Dealership

    The modern technological era has brought with it a widespread usage of GPS technology and a widespread implementation of that technology. We are finding newer and better ways to apply the incredible inventions and technological innovations to our businesses, our infrastructure, and our daily lifestyles. The innovations of GPS technology is just one example of this; from the first satellite launche…Read More

  5. 5 Trends in Fleet Management Software

    As an essential business that continues to operate even in the face of a global health crisis, fleet management services and businesses need to keep up with industry trends. This will not only ensure that your workers stay safe and protected, but also enable your business to become more efficient and competitive. To ensure that your fleet management service continues to thrive, here are five trend…Read More

  6. How GPS Vehicle Tracking Improves Driver Behavior

    As a fleet manager, you want to ensure your fleet runs smoothly, arrives on time, and contributes to the growth of your company. Fleet managers need to be able to monitor drivers to limit wasted fuel, deter improper use of company vehicles, and enforce company speed limits. GPS vehicle tracking is an ideal solution to accomplish these tasks and improve your drivers’ behavior. At Sky Patrol, we o…Read More

  7. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Asset Tracking

    Sometimes you’ve got people you need to track. GPS Asset trackers are easy to use, wireless tracking systems that will help you keep tabs on the people you care about. At Skypatrol, we offer a couple of different wireless GPS asset tracking systems. Both of our trackers have the ability to be tracked from computers and mobile devices. FInd out how our GPS asset trackers can add ease into your li…Read More

  8. 5 Reasons Why Even the Smallest Startups Can’t Afford to Ignore Big Data

    Today’s world is driven by information. With every individual logging into various social media sites, massive amounts of data are generated every day. The sheer size of big data makes it impossible to make sense of it using traditional computing systems in a short period of time. Fortunately, AI models and algorithms are able to transform huge blocks of raw data into digestible chunks of crucia…Read More

  9. Identifying and Solving Fuel Waste

    Fleet managers are always looking for ways to save money on their bottom line. While there are many methods, from maximizing warranties to preventative tire maintenance, there is one method that is often overlooked: saving on fuel. Fleet-based companies inherently use a lot of fuel, it’s just the nature of the job; but there are many ways that managers and drivers can save money with regards to …Read More

  10. GPS Tracking Devices Save Christmas

    Even though porch pirates are out snagging boxes on people’s porches regardless of the time of year, their best season is when people are doing most of their shopping — the holidays. Online shopping has been a popular option for years, but thieves are just recently starting to pick up on the idea that they can go from porch to porch picking up packages that were delivered while the homeowner w…Read More