SP1824 Series Economical GPS Tracking Device


With the functionality you need and without unneeded capabilities that increase the cost of a device, the SP1824 is ideal for most fleet and other tracking purposes. Focusing on reliability as a foremost design goal, you can count on dependable connectivity. The SP1824 comes with a 140mAh back-up battery so that it can be configured for a particular application or use case.

The fleet management GPS tracking device features FOTA (Firmware Update OTA), a 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, and has two inputs and one output (I/O). The SP1824 is a complete GPS tracking unit with two versions: 2G as well as 4G Cat1. It is designed for 12- or 24-volt mobile vehicles with a quick and easy installation procedure. Contact Skypatrol to learn more or to view a demo of our products.


• Modem options: LTE 4G CAT 1 & 2G

• Integrated Antennas

• Self-Calibrate 3D Accelerometer

• Easy Installation

• Flexible Programming Rules

• HDOP/VDOP for Precise Location

• 140 mAh backup battery

• GSM Jamming Detection

• Programming options via USB, OTA y SMS

• UDP and TCP reports

SP1824 Specifications