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5 Misconceptions About Fleet Management Services

There’s a single reason we’re involved in the fleet management services industry. Simply put, it works. The math adds up.What we do, and what we’ve learned from others, enables companies to do business faster, more efficiently, and more safely. That’s why we’re excited and proud to be on the vanguard of an emerging technology with GPS. It’s relatively new, having been launched in 1973 and entered commercial usage in the 1980’s. But as much as GPS is in its infancy, it’s changed the world very quickly.

Obviously, we’re happy about the tech and its applications for fleet management. But from time to time, we’ve encountered myths that don’t accurately tell the whole story. We get it, some people aren’t crazy about technology, while others are even less crazy about the breakneck speed in which our world is changing. That’s why we’re going to talk about the 5 most common misconceptions we hear about GPS tech and fleet management, and hopefully debunk them a little.

  1. First, some clients resist using fleet management systems because new tech is perceived to be too expensive. The fact is, today’s business climate is ruthlessly competitive, and everyone is looking for a way to stay out of the red. Fleet management systems can help companies to somewhat control fuel consumption, as well as boost the efficiency and safety of drivers.
  2. Other clients might have a mom-and-pop operation, just a few vehicles, and they view fleet management as unnecessary. But the size of your fleet is actually the least important aspect, it’s utilizing them to their greatest potential is what counts. GPS helps to follow vehicles, devise better routes, receive safety and maintenance reports in real time, and many other benefits.
  3. Some business owners feel no great degree of pressure to use fleet management, since they perceive every company to be virtually the same. It’s true that every company will allow a fleet manager to look at a computerized map and see where each vehicle is. But not every company will be able to offer fast and knowledgeable service or the flexibility to meet the needs of a growing company. Reputable fleet management services bring all that and more to the table.
  4. Arguably one of the most common concerns is that of privacy. It’s perfectly understandable, but consider this. GPS and fleet management is all about efficiency. It reduces the need to use a cellphone after a job, the necessity of keeping track of huge amounts of paperwork, and acting as a way to improve safety and deter theft. Fleet management is also an ironclad verification, for both the fleet itself and the customer, that work was done at a certain time and place.
  5. Lastly, there’s a concern that implementing new technology and training employees is a process that’s a time suck, and that it can bring a company to a screeching halt. While the installation of the hardware does take some time, it’s time that will be more than made up through a boost in efficiency. As far as education is concerned, today’s GPS systems and back-end programs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so there’s never a worry that you need a degree in computer science to figure it out.