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6 Reasons to Try GPS Tracking

As someone who works in an industry where employees rely on a fleet of vehicles to deliver goods, make sales calls, or bring people from location to location, you have probably heard about the benefits of GPS tracking. But for one reason or another, you have yet to implement the system in your own company. We understand that your employees may have a negative reaction to their vehicle being tracked, or that it’s a new system that costs money to get started and time to get used to, but it’s time to give GPS tracking solutions a real shot! And here’s why:

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Track Your Fleet

Whether your business is located in Chicago or Houston, or if it’s a national company that delivers goods from New York to California, you should always be able to tell exactly where each of your vehicles are located at any given time. GPS tracking solutions from Skypatrol uses satellite signals in order to provide exact locations, if a vehicle is running, what speed it’s going, if it’s on the right route, and more. With this information, essential communication will improve, allowing you to provide better service for your customers or clients.

Monitor Speed to Reduce Accidents

If there is a history of car accidents in your company, are you able to look into why? It could be that drivers aren’t following the rules of the road. When drivers aren’t following the speed limit, it can significantly increase the risk of accidents — which could potentially increase the cost of your car insurance, not to mention the cost of any injuries that were sustained. With GPS, you will be able to monitor how fast or slow a driver is going. If you find they aren’t driving the speed limit, you can make any necessary corrections.

Track Performance Time

This is especially important for companies that deliver goods, from large freight companies who drive across the state or country to local meal delivery services. GPS tracking solutions from Skypatrol offer you the ability to gather data and receive reports on each driver. This information will give you a direct insight into the service your clients or customers are getting. Are deliveries being made late? Improve your customer service and satisfaction with GPS devices.

Prevent Theft

Bike rentals, taxi services, car dealerships, or limousine services rely on their employees to respect the vehicles they drive and the cars on their lots. If a vehicle is lost or stolen, it’s a huge liability on the company, especially if you don’t end up finding the vehicle. GPS will help you or local authorities find the vehicle, saving you money and potentially help prevent future thefts.

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Control Vehicle Use

A company vehicle should be for company use only, right? Some companies do provide a car to their employees for both personal and company use, but for the companies who don’t, misuse of the vehicles will increase cost and liability substantially. A car being used after hours will increase fuel costs, and if an accident occurs after hours, medical and repair costs are the responsibility of the company.

Save Money

If the above five reasons aren’t enough to give GPS tracking solutions a shot, this one takes the cake. Saving money is often a top priority for companies, so why not use every method possible? Installing tracking devices on your fleet of vehicles will help you save money in a variety of ways:

  • Save on fuel costs
  • Reduced insurance and liability costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction will result in reliable income
  • Reduced vehicle repair and maintenance costs

If you have been interested in giving GPS tracking solutions a try in your company, but aren’t convinced of the benefits, get in touch with Skypatrol today. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that the setup process is quick and smooth, so you can start seeing results faster. Want to see more before you sign up? Call now to schedule a demo!