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GPS Solutions for Rental Car Companies

Running a rental car company isn’t easy. Vehicles need constant maintenance, finances need constant monitoring, and renters add an element of unpredictability to the mix. No wonder so many rental car companies have troubled reputations and miserable profit margins—it’s not easy organizing and managing everything that goes into running an efficient rental fleet.

That’s where Skypatrol can help. Using powerful GPS technology, fleet management services, and cutting-edge software, Skypatrol delivers simple rental management solutions that can increase profit margins, improve business and fleet efficiency, and help recover lost or stolen vehicles. In this blog, we’ll dive into some of the ways that Skypatrol can improve the overall function of your fleet.

Managing Vehicle Maintenance

Part of owning or managing a rental car company is protecting and maintaining your vehicle investments. That means you need to change tires, replace windshield wipers, and perform oil changes frequently—and keep a financial record of every single bit of maintenance performed on each vehicle.

This is easier said than done, especially if your rental fleet is growing by the day. Without the right fleet management system, you could be renting vehicles that are in need of repairs, which compromises the safety of your renter, and the credibility of your rental company.

With Skypatrol rental fleet management systems, you’re able to construct and view vehicle maintenance logs, build management reports, analyze vehicle performance metrics, and create custom alerts for a number of vehicle performance issues and milestones—all in a simple and accessible software platform.

With Skypatrol technology, you’ll lower your maintenance costs, keep your cars in excellent running shape, and provide your customers with vehicles that are safe and reliable. It’s the easiest way to keep your customers happy and increase profit margins within your company.

Recovering Lost Assets

A car is a necessary, if not critical part of daily life—especially if you need to commute to work or take your kids to school. Unfortunately, when someone doesn’t have a car, or doesn’t have the funds to repair their car, desperate times call for desperate measures, and rental car agencies often suffer the most.

If you’re a manager of a rental car company, you know the story all too well: a patron comes into your store to “rent a car for a couple of days.” But after a couple of days, your rental car isn’t returned, and your patron isn’t answering any of your phone calls or texts. When you attempt to charge their credit card for the extra rental days, it declines—that’s when you know you’ve been set up.

When you rent someone a car, it’s more than just a car—it’s a $15,000+ investment that you’re handing over to a stranger. If that investment is “borrowed” without payment for a prolonged period of time, that car isn’t making any money for your business. If the vehicle is lost altogether, you’re taking a massive hit to your equity and profit margins (as much as a $50,000 loss for an SUV).

Fortunately, Skypatrol GPS tracking solutions can minimize risk during the car rental process. By outfitting your rental vehicles with GPS trackers, you’ll always know where your cars are located—helping you recover lost vehicle assets with the help of law enforcement. Plus, you’ll be able to remotely unlock doors and disable starters on your vehicles, making it that much easier to recover your lost vehicle for good. By using Skypatrol products, you protect your vehicles as well as your bottom line.

Ensuring Timely Returns

One of the biggest challenges of the rental vehicle world is keeping cars off the lot—in other words, making sure your rental vehicles are always in the hands of paying customers. After all, you’re losing money via vehicle depreciation if your vehicles sit on your rental lot (even if it’s just for a few hours).

To maximize your profit potential, you need to make sure your renters are returning their vehicles on schedule so you can quickly hand them off to the next renter, and minimize profit losses. (Imagine how much money your business would make if you could rent out a car so quickly, you’d have two renters paying for a vehicle on the same day!)

Skypatrol rental management solutions allow you to analyze and plan your fleet’s rental schedule in real time so you can minimize the amount of time your cars sit on the lot and maximize your rental profits. You’ll have a running schedule of future vehicle returns and vehicle reservations, and a readily available index of renter contact information—everything you need to keep your returns and rentals on time and on the money.

Why Choose Skypatrol?

By partnering with Skypatrol, you’re gaining access to the most innovative GPS products, seamless fleet management software systems, and advanced safety and security technology that will increase fleet usage, simplify business operations, and prevent losses that come from unrecovered assets. Contact us today to see how Skypatrol can help your rental vehicle business!