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GPS Tracking Devices Save Christmas

Even though porch pirates are out snagging boxes on people’s porches regardless of the time of year, their best season is when people are doing most of their shopping — the holidays. Online shopping has been a popular option for years, but thieves are just recently starting to pick up on the idea that they can go from porch to porch picking up packages that were delivered while the homeowner was not at home.

However, they may not have expected that homeowners are fighting back. With the help of Amazon and local police, New Jersey is making sure that porch pirates are getting more than just a free package — they may also be getting hefty fines. Local law enforcement are teaming up with Amazon in order to place GPS tracking devices hidden within products packaged in the boxes. Amazon is also having dummy packages set up and waiting on porches and even installing cameras within doorbells that will capture the pirate’s image. When a pirate picks up a package, hoping to get away with maybe an Xbox or a fancy new watch, they will also be unknowingly tracking their location.

When the package, and the GPS device within, signals to police that it’s moving, detectives are able to track exactly where it’s going in order to intercept the thief.

If you don’t live in New Jersey or have the help of Amazon to stop porch pirates from grabbing your holiday presents, how can you prevent thieves?

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Plan on being home when the package arrives

We understand that this is like waiting at home for the cable guy, there is probably a three or four hour window when you will be waiting, so it may not always be an effective solution, but being at home when the delivery person brings the package to your door will ensure that the box is never sitting on the porch at all.

Require a signature

When you select that a signature is required in order to leave the package, you can know for sure that the right person is receiving the package. When a package is delivered and the required person is not there to sign for it, the box will simply be held at the post office or at the warehouse of whichever delivery company that was used until that person is able to go and pick it up or is at home when it’s delivered again.

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Have the box held at a local post office

This can be especially helpful if you’re going on vacation for a week or two. To have your mail or packages held at the post office, simply submit a request for the post office. Do this before you leave, or if you’re holiday shopping, do it before placing any online order. When you get back, or receive a notification that the package arrived, you can pick it up yourself.

Set up text alerts

When you can’t be home or don’t have time to pick up boxes at the post office, it’s important for the package to be sitting on the porch for as little time as possible. With text alerts, the notification will allow you to go home and move the box inside right away, preventing the possibility of porch pirates ruining your holidays.

GPS Tracking Solutions

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