image of a fleet of police cars

How GPS Benefits Law Enforcement

GPS has a lot of benefits for the average consumer, as well as car dealerships and commercial fleets. But many people don’t realize that GPS systems can be a great asset to law enforcement professionals in order to solve crimes and improve the efficiency of their work. Here are a few ways that law enforcement agencies can benefit from GPS tracking and fleet management systems.

Real-time Geolocation Tracking

When it comes to tactical decision making for dispatched police and emergency vehicles, real-time geolocation tracking can be a huge asset. Whether it’s used to intercept a criminal in a vehicle pursuit or to provide necessary location support for an ambulance, constant tracking of vehicles allows law enforcement officials to make critical, split-second decisions on the fly that can be the difference between catching a criminal and losing a criminal—or in more dire cases, the difference between life and death.

Parolee Tracking

One of the greatest difficulties for law enforcement professionals and agencies is the tracking and management of paroled inmates. Many of these inmates require strict monitoring and geographical parameters for where they can travel during their parole. GPS monitoring systems have made it easy to monitor the location of parolees in real time, and when paired with geofencing, can send mobile alerts if a parolee has left a designated geographical area. Ultimately, GPS systems provide law enforcement with greater control of parolee behavior, and increased accountability for parolee misbehavior and breach of parole rules.

Vehicle and Route Analysis Via Fleet Management

For any fleet of vehicles, data and analysis are the keys to efficiency and productivity—and police vehicle fleets are no exception. Skypatrol’s Fleet Command system can electronically log engine activity, time spent in certain locations, and routes taken throughout any given day. All of this allows law enforcement agencies to evaluate the coverage of their patrol cars, find more efficient patrol and dispatch routes, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. A fleet management system like Fleet Command helps agencies improve their operative and financial efficiency, so they can focus more on serving the public and less on guessing the most efficient ways to manage their fleets.

Consumer GPS as Law Enforcement Assistance

Consumer GPS trackers for vehicles and personal use can be a crucial and useful method for recovering stolen property and finding missing persons. If a car outfitted with a GPS tracker is stolen from a car lot or a residential property, law enforcement officials can use GPS geolocation tracking to find and recover the stolen vehicle, and bring swift justice to the situation.

For the consumer, Skypatrol GPS geofencing can set a virtual boundary around a car lot or residence, and send email or text alerts when a vehicle leaves the geofence area—so you can alert law enforcement once you know your vehicle has been stolen.

Personal GPS trackers are a great aide to law enforcement and emergency service professionals as well. Outdoor enthusiasts can use personal GPS trackers to alert family or friends of their location if they get lost, stuck, or injured in the wilderness, and that info can be passed along to search and rescue teams for a quick, potentially life-saving rescue. These GPS trackers can also be a huge help to seniors, who can use an alert button to send a text or email to a close relative or an emergency service if they are injured, lost, or suffering from a chronic health condition. Trackers like the Skypatrol SP8801 can give seniors easy access to emergency services, as well as the independence they desire—while giving their close relatives the transparency and peace of mind they deserve.

With Skypatrol products, law enforcement agencies are equipped with the technology, data, and insights they need to prevent and solve crimes, work efficiently with other emergency service personnel, and maintain highly efficient police vehicle fleets.

That’s where Skypatrol can help. We offer a number of GPS solutions for personal, professional, and law enforcement use. As a result, we are able to help businesses work harder, smarter, and safer than ever before. Check out our diverse line of GPS products, and contact Skypatrol with any questions today!