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How GPS Tracking Devices Can Benefit Rental Companies

Any business with a fleet of vehicles (delivery services, trucking companies, or rental companies) that needs to be managed, should know the benefits of GPS tracking solutions. If you own or manage a business in an industry that has a fleet of vehicles, and you haven’t worked with a GPS company in order to track, manage, and collect data about the vehicles and drivers, isn’t it finally time to give it a shot?

In this blog, we’re going to focus on the benefits of GPS tracking solutions for the rental company industry. The team at Skypatrol wants to help you improve your bottom line, have more control over your fleet, and provide you with essential data that you can use to make decisions that will positively affect your business. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn the benefits of using GPS to monitor your fleet.

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Which Cars Are Available

We’re fairly certain that any rental car company will already have a system to tell them which vehicles are available, when a customer picks up a car, when they drop it off, and where they plan on dropping it off. However, how common is it for errors to be made? Human error is, unfortunately, more common than business owners would like to believe. So, when a customer comes to pick up their rental car and the clerk comes to find that a car isn’t available, that’s not only an extremely unhappy customer, but potentially a negative review. GPS tracking devices allow business owners to determine which cars are available, which are being rented, and where they are — which brings us to our next point.

Where They Are

Yes, when customers reserve a rental car, they have the option to either drop it off at the same location, or a different location. But what happens when customers don’t bring back the car when their reservation has ended? The vehicle they are driving could be anywhere. Without GPS tracking, it will be significantly more difficult to locate the vehicle. This benefit also brings us to our next point.

Prevent Theft

The last thing a rental company owner wants to hear is that one of their vehicles is missing. The authorities will, of course, get involved, but they also have limited resources available in order to find the vehicle and the driver. Apart from damaged rental vehicles, this is one of the more costly expenses that a rental company must be prepared for. With GPS tracking solutions from Skypatrol, business owners will know in real time where the vehicle is located and even it’s condition.

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Which Cars Are the Most Popular

In order to provide customers with the best service possible, rental company owners need to provide the best product possible — in this case, the vehicles themselves. With a GPS tracking system, owners can monitor data relating to which vehicles are selected most without having to dig through paperwork and reports. This will allow the company to order vehicles that their customers want, allowing for fewer vehicles to sit in the lot unused.

Trusted Data

With Skypatrol GPS tracking solutions and devices, you can put your complete trust in the data you receive. Our team regularly comes out with new products, we have reliable support and manuals so that each of our customers has the resources they need to use our products correctly and efficiently, and our data can be used in a variety of ways to help improve the functionality of your business.

Want to learn more about how GPS tracking solutions can benefit your industry? Check back soon for more blog updates or get in touch with us today.