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ProtekGPS: The Ultimate Tool for Any Car Dealership

For any car dealership, your fleet of vehicles are your babies. Your entire business revolves around them, their quality, and their reliability, and while you have to eventually let them go into the big wide world, the more you can manage, advertise, and sell them properly, the more likely your business is to benefit. But as important as your fleet of vehicles are, the other large part of your dealership’s success depends on the experience of the customer. Buying a car is always a bit of a stressful time for the buyers, and for many, the process is one of hesitancy and nitpicking until they find the car they want, and understandably so, as it’s a massive investment for their present and future.

For a car dealership, the best way to get more sales and improve profits is improving their customers’ experience. There are a variety of ways to approach this, from personable sales people who make the customer feel heard to offering a variety of selection and financing solutions. But for many car dealerships, the biggest negative impact to customer experience is mismanagement and poor logistical organization of their vehicle fleet. Understanding the specific needs of a customer and finding the specific car that accommodates those needs is an important part of any successful sale, so when a dealership takes a while to find a specific car in their lot, or the car’s battery is dead when the customer wants to test drive it, these types of logistical and organizational setbacks can really damage a dealerships bottom line.

That’s where the ProtekGPS software from Sky Patrol comes in. At Sky Patrol, we are aware of how important customer service is for a car dealership, and how important proper fleet management is to providing that customer service. That’s why our ProtekGPS app is designed to accurately and easily track every car in your fleet, their status, and their location. Never waste a customer’s time looking for a specific car, and feel confident in protecting your fleet from theft with the ProtekGPS from Sky Patrol. Keep reading to learn more about what ProtekGPS has to offer, or download it today on the App Store.


One of the most impactful benefits that ProtekGPS can offer to car dealerships is real-time locational information on every car in your fleet. With ProtekGPS, you can locate a specific car across multiple lots with ease and efficiency. This kind of efficiency will not go unnoticed to your customers, especially as more and more of them do the leg-work shopping online and then look for a specific vehicle in your lot. This also deters thieves and makes it much easier to recover vehicles stolen off of your lot, as ProtekGPS can alert you when a lot car breaches an unauthorized distance range. When you have 24/7 locational data on every car in your dealership lot, not only will you feel better managing your fleet, but you dealership will also operate better in serving its customers.


In addition to the locational data that ProtekGPS provides, it also offers a variety of monitoring tools that keep you up-to-date on the important characteristics of the cars in your lot. Did you know that 80% of car dealers have encountered a dead battery when attempting to take a test drive? Get proactive battery alerts that let you know if a car is in need of a charge to be ready for test driving. Keep track of loaner and company vehicles, as well as monitoring mileage and service requirements. With the monitoring capabilities that ProtekGPS provides, you can feel confident in the readiness and usability of each car in your lot, as well as in their performance and attractiblity to customers.


Another necessary feature of keeping your lot of vehicles organized and secure is being able to track important logistical information regarding the status and movement of your lot vehicles. With ProtekGPS from Sky Patrol, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your lot vehicles when it’s time to show them off, nor will you have to worry about test drivers and renters driving the car erratically or too far. With ProtekGPS, you can track vehicle paths with breadcrumb trailing, as well as set speeding thresholds to ensure safe driving. You can also keep track of mileage and service recommendations, ensuring that every car in your lot is ready to be shown off, and you will be made aware of the ones that aren’t.

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Vehicle Lot Management Software – ProtekGPS by Sky Patrol

Keeping track of all of the vehicles in your dealership lot is no easy task. And with good reason, as you probably have hundreds or even thousands of cars, as well as hundreds or thousands of customers every year looking to buy them. But the more information and awareness you have about your vehicle fleet, the better experience you can offer to your customers who may buy them, and the better you can manage the safety, security, and reliability of all the vehicles in your fleet. See how ProtekGPS by Sky Patol can revolutionize the way you approach your dealership’s fleet management, and contact us today.