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School Busses Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking

Here at Skypatrol, we are somewhat obsessed with GPS systems. Okay, maybe obsessed is a bit of a heavy term; however, we can definitely say that we are highly enthusiastic about GPS systems. The Global Positioning System has revolutionized so many areas of our lives that, occasionally, it’s hard for most people to remember what it was like before you could whip out your smartphone and know exactly where you are at any given time. GPS has helped the shipping and transportation industry achieve levels of optimization and productivity that were once considered fanciful dreams. In today’s post, however, we’re going to focus on any area that GPS systems have had an effect on that most people don’t normally think about: school busses.

School Busses are Under Constant Scrutiny. GPS Helps With That

When it comes to stressful jobs, school bus driver is pretty high on the list. School bus drivers are in charge of delivering reliable, safe service to millions of children a year. Add to this the fact that bus drivers are expected to complete their routes in the most efficient way possible, and one can quickly see that being a school bus driver is more work than it may seem. However, with the introduction of GPS systems into school busses across the nation, technology is making the job a little less stressful. Below, we have listed a few of the benefits that GPS systems bestow upon school bus fleets.

  • Improved Route Optimization: While this benefit isn’t used so much during the daily routes that school busses follow when ferrying students to and from school, it comes into play in regard to field trips or other events where students are taken somewhere other than school. Taking the most optimal route not only cuts down on the amount of time that it takes to get from point a to b, but cuts down on the amount of fuel it takes to deliver students to their destination.
  • Peace of Mind: For many parents, knowing that their child’s bus is equipped with a GPS system provides great peace of mind. GPS systems installed on busses notify school districts when the busses are in an area that they are not supposed to be, and also knows exactly when and where a bus is supposed to be idling. If the bus is outside of the parameters at any point, steps can quickly be taken to figure out why. Additionally GPS systems coupled with routing software can notify parents of any delays that may have occurred.
  • Improved Maintenance: GPS systems not only show exactly where a bus is at any given point but also tell the school district exactly how many miles the bus has traveled in a given period of time. This information can then be used to alert the school district when a bus is due for maintenance. By keeping track of mileage this way there is much less chance for human error.
  • Find New Routes: Through the use of routing software, buss drivers can instantly be alerted if a more efficient route is available due to a newly constructed road. Additionally, most routing software allows the user to upload a new route in real time using the “trace” feature, which means the bus driver themselves could add a new, more efficient route to the already established database of routes.
  • Helps Find Alternate Transport: GPS systems finally solve the issue of the broken down bus. Before GPS systems, if a bus broke down the school would have to scramble around trying to figure out where they were and which bus could come and gather the students. GPS systems allow the school district to quickly see where the bus has stopped and determine which of the other busses in the fleet are closest.
  • Reduces Emissions: Through effective route optimization, GPS systems on school busses reduce the amount of carbon that is produced by a school district’s bus fleet. Not only is this good for the environment, it also improves the public perception of the school district.

In summation, GPS systems in school busses help bus drivers improve student safety, become more efficient drivers, and improve the fuel efficiency of the entire bus fleet. If you would like to learn more about GPS systems or fleet solutions, please visit our website today. At Skypatrol, we are dedicated to making the most durable, dependable, and cutting edge GPS products available. We understand that as the GPS market evolves, we must evolve with it. As a result we are dedicated to not only providing amazing hardware solutions, but also back up all of our products with comprehensive customer support. When you shop with Skypatrol, you can rest assured that our products and services will meet your expectations and that we will provide continued support to make sure that your GPS systems perform as they should. Don’t settle for second best, contact Skypatrol today!