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Skypatrol For Car Dealerships

Skypatrol is a world leader in GPS solutions that keep people and property safe and help businesses grow—that’s been our passion as a company since day one. That passion has been a huge asset to fleet managers of all kinds, allowing them to run their businesses with unrivaled efficiency and unmatched security. In this blog, we’ll explain how fleet managers of rental car businesses, commercial fleets, and car sales lots can benefit from Skypatrol GPS fleet management services.


Skypatrol products are an excellent way to keep your car lot safe and secure. Using the Skypatrol Fleet Command system, fleet managers can access real-time geolocation and performance updates on individual vehicles, manage inventory on a number of mobile devices, and customize alerts and notifications that can be sent directly to the fleet manager when cars leave the lot, go off route, drive too fast, or experience technical and mechanical difficulties. This keeps your vehicles where they need to be and promotes safe and responsible driving habits.

Customizable geofencing solutions allow fleet managers to set highly accurate GPS geofence boundaries around car lots or critical zones of business operations, ensuring that if a car is stolen from the lot, fleet managers and law enforcement officials can be notified in a timely manner.

Fleet Management

If your car lot or commercial fleet has hundreds of vehicles on a single lot, it can be incredibly difficult to track down the car that you’re looking for (especially if they’re all yellow taxis or black limos). GPS trackers and the Fleet Command system provide you with precise locations of your vehicles at all times within three feet, so you never have to wonder where your cars are located. Plus, less time spent looking for vehicles will do wonders for business efficiency and customer service.

Loss Mitigation

On rental car, used car, or commercial vehicle lots, cars aren’t just vehicles—they’re investments and expenses that can positively or negatively affect your bottom line. So if one of the cars in your fleet gets stolen and is never found, that’s a $15,000+ hit to your bottom line that you’ll never recover.

With Skypatrol GPS tracking, you’ll always know the exact location of your lost or stolen vehicle, and have an index of the VIDs and makes and models of vehicles in your fleet—information that helps law enforcement track down your vehicle and return it to you before you lose your investment for good.

Why Choose Skypatrol?

Skypatrol is an industry leader in GPS tracking and fleet management. Chairman David Topp and CEO Robert Rubin have over 40 years of experience in innovative electronics solutions, and are dedicated to creating useful, dependable, and groundbreaking GPS tracking solutions. This industry expertise and passion is combined with the power of Verizon Wireless for a world-class GPS experience.

Skypatrol provides world-class customer service as well, offering speedy responses to customer questions, expert advice on GPS tracking solutions, and rigorous quality controls that ensure our products are stable and durable when it matters the most.

With 1 million GPS devices in over 25 countries, Skypatrol has become a staple in the GPS tracking industry. Improve the security and productivity of your fleet—contact Skypatrol today.