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Surviving and Thriving as a Fleet Manager

If you’re in charge of a fleet that’s private or public, there’s one lesson that you’ve undoubtedly learned. You need to be able to do more with less. You need to effectively handle fleet tracking, while dealing with budget cuts, potential hiring freezes, and managing the stress levels of both employees and customers. Sounds nearly impossible, right? Not when it comes to GPS tracking solutions and hardware.

As a matter of fact, you’ve got the ability to boost the productivity of your fleet, and it’s all at your fingertips. By using GPS tracking hardware in creative ways, your fleet can be better than ever. Read on for a few useful tips we’d like to share in order to help your fleet reach its maximum potential.

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Helping Your Fleet Reach Maximum Potential With GPS Tracking Hardware

Location Tracking

Your fleet exists in a fluid professional environment. During any given day, appointments might change, employees might call out sick, which means work needs to be shuffled around — fast. Back in the day, this was done with frantic phone calls and keeping track of physical work orders. Now, the GPS systems within every vehicle let you know where everyone starts their day, and where everyone is in relation to everyone else. If an employee runs into a tough job, and another employee close by has a cancellation, employee B can zip over to help employee A.

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Time Management

Part of the job of a fleet manager is extending a degree of trust to employees. But what if someone abuses that trust, and takes valuable company time to run personal errands, take long lunches, or utilizing the vehicle for side jobs during off-hours? Your GPS tracking hardware doesn’t simply tell you where everyone is, but it also tells you where everyone should be.

Positive Reinforcement

Along similar lines, successful managers know the value of positive reinforcement. GPS devices allow you to track productivity and driver safety. For employees that watch their speed and respect safety, you can offer incentives and praise. By encouraging positive habits behind the wheel, your people will be more motivated than ever to get where they’re going safely.

Proactive Maintenance

A critical aspect of running a fleet is making sure all of your vehicles are in proper working order. An unexpected breakdown is one thing, but an oil change or battery replacement needs to be done while juggling the needs of the business. GPS tracking hardware has the ability to send real-time diagnostic information on every vehicle straight to you. By having this information available, you can be proactive with scheduling vehicle maintenance and keep the fleet running longer.


Studies have proven that, when fleets use GPS systems, travel time and mileage is minimized. As a result, your fleet utilizes less fuel and creates fewer emissions. Since fuel costs will likely rise over time, a wise manager seeks any way to make the fleet greener and more efficient. Not only that, it gives you the opportunity to advertise the fact that you have a green fleet and that you’re practicing environmental responsibility.

In order to meet or exceed at what the competition is doing, your fleet needs to operate at peak proficiency. GPS tracking hardware allows for a host of uses, and offers a flexibility that was unthinkable back in the day.