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The Benefits of Skypatrol Products

At Skypatrol, we’re dedicated to providing industry-leading GPS solutions for consumers and businesses, and we’re passionate about providing you with the info and insights you need to keep your businesses and homes running safely and smoothly.

That’s why we created the Sky Patrol Blog! This is a forum dedicated to answering all of your questions about GPS tracking hardware and how it can help improve the safety, stability, and financial standing of your business and its mobile assets. We’ll start our blog with some of the simplest, most effective uses for our GPS tracking products.

The Consumer

Single Vehicle Tracking

It can be incredibly unnerving and shocking to wake up in the morning and realize that your vehicle has been stolen right off of your property. In most cases, stolen vehicles are hidden in garages, chop shops, and remote, rural properties, making them incredibly difficult to recover—a problem that can cost you time, money, and energy.

Skypatrol GPS services eliminate this problem by constantly tracking the location of your vehicle, so law enforcement can bring your car back to where it belongs: at your home.

Teen Tracking

For anyone who is the parent of a teen new to driving and the independence that comes with it, Skypatrol products are an excellent safety net and disciplinary tool. Our GPS trackers allow location tracking via any PC, smartphone, or tablet, and can be programmed to send SMS text messages or email alerts if your teen wanders outside of the boundaries that your geofence defines. Let Skypatrol give you Peace of Mind All the Time® that keeps your teenagers responsible and safe.

Senior Tracking

Skypatrol Personal GPS Trackers are great for senior citizens who don’t always have the luxury of a caregiver or companion to help them with medical problems or emergencies. These trackers offer an incredible battery life, geofencing capabilities, and a user-activated alert button that can help seniors get help when they need it the most. This added level of security can give the beloved seniors in your life the independence they desire, and the peace of mind you deserve.


Fleet Management

If your commercial and financial success depends on a fleet of vehicles, you need Skypatrol GPS products to keep your fleet on track. Our Fleet Command system gives you useful statistical insights on your fleet’s behavior and efficiency, allowing you to electronically track and log engine activity, review driving patterns and speeds, and measure time spent at drop-off or pick-up locations. Fleet Command also offers a route planning and a Trip Delivery ETA system, which can help you determine the fastest and most cost-effective ways for your vehicles to operate. All of these features are neatly packaged into a single, centralized platform that’s accessible via PC or mobile device, making it easy for you to monitor your fleet at anytime, from anywhere.

Car Lot Management

According to a national study, 22% of dealers have reported a vehicle stolen from their lot in the past year, 30 percent of dealers have been unable to located a vehicle so their customer can take a test drive, and 80% have encountered a dead battery when attempting to take a customer on a test drive. These are problems are debilitating for profits, safety, and efficient business operations on a car lot.

Fortunately, Skypatrol’s Protek GPS Tracking & Security system can solve all of these problems for accurate and efficient car lot management through a simple, state-of-the-art mobile app. Protek installation and removal takes mere minutes, and allows dealers to locate vehicles by stock number or VIN directly from a smartphone or tablet, making it incredibly easy to track down vehicles, even on the largest of lots.

Protek also allows dealers to set up a geofence perimeter around their car lots, which can automatically alert the dealer if a car leaves the lot during or after business hours. This makes it easy for dealers to quickly report stolen vehicles—and with 24/7 vehicle tracking, law enforcement will always know where the stolen vehicle is heading.

Innovative technology like Protek works in all 50 states, and is proven to help increase profit margin and recovery rate on stolen vehicles. Plus, with all-inclusive fleet inventory management, your car lot will have a hard-working business partner that will make your lot run smoother than ever before.

Why choose Skypatrol?

GPS location services, mobile carriers, and the wireless world are constantly evolving—and you need a company that evolves with them. Skypatrol is a proven leader and innovator in GPS location services, fleet tracking, and fleet management for consumers and businesses, and will continue to set the standard in this ever-changing industry with its innovative, effective, and high-quality GPS products. We’re in the business to help your businesses and families succeed, and to achieve Peace of Mind, All the Time. Contact us, and find that peace of mind today!