Tips On How To Keep Your Fleet Protected

Why GPS Tracker is the Best Solution

Keep Track of Your Fleet With Our Products

Whether you have a fleet for construction, distribution, and delivery or vehicles that you have people to rent, protecting it is your number one priority. While there are many precautions you can take for protecting your fleet, none of them provide the advantages of a GPS-based Fleet Management Software as what we offer at Skypatrol. Keep reading to find out how our Fleet Management Software can help you to control your fleet!

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Prioritize The Safety of Your Drivers!

As a fleet manager, the safety of your drivers is entirely your responsibility. Make sure they attend safe driving technique classes on a regular basis. It is also important to put safety measures, such as a limit on driving hours. 20% of accidents are caused by driver fatigue according to DOT, so limiting driving hours is incredibly important for the safety of your fleet and your drivers!

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Don’t Skip Preventative Maintenance

Every hour a fleet vehicle is not being used costs you money, so as a fleet manager, your priority is to make sure they are all being utilized effectively. Since your vehicles are always working, one of the most important things you can do is to have them serviced at regular intervals. Skipping on regular maintenance may save you some money in the short run, but it will ultimately cost you a lot of money if your vehicles don’t even make it to 100K miles!


Implement a Fleet Management Software For Efficiency!

While there are many precautions you might take as a fleet manager, none are as effective as installing GPS-based fleet management software on your fleet vehicles to monitor them. GPS trackers not only give you information about where your vehicles are located, but they also supply you with incredibly useful data such as vehicle mileage, driving habits, and the routes your drivers are taking!


Making Informed Decisions!

With all the data supplied from the GPS trackers, you can make more informed decisions that will cut costs and increase profits for your fleet! For example, you can reward drivers who drive at a slow constant speed for better fuel economy and punish drivers who are driving too fast, resulting in poorer fuel economy. You can track vehicle mileage so that no maintenance schedule gets unnoticed! You can also warn drivers that are driving over their maximum driving hours, preventing an accident waiting to happen!

If you want to plan for the longer term, the best investment you can make as a fleet manager is implementing fleet management software, such as those offered by Skypatrol. While the initial cost may seem high, the data will allow you to make much more informed decisions in the future!

Keep Track of Your Fleet With Our Products