SP3603 Series GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles

SP3603 Product

These cost-effective GPS tracking devices are dependable quad-band GSM/GPRS devices, delivering the key features fulfilling the most demanding applications, including fleet management, insurance telematics, dispatch, vehicle location and recovery, and more. Whatever industry you are in, you can rely on Skypatrol’s GPS devices for quick and easy installation and the most-needed capabilities so that your business can better track and manage your fleet or a variety of other assets.

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image of a fleet of vans
image of a man selling a car

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  • 16G G-Force Sensor
  • 2G/3G Modem Versions
  • 28 Hardware Based Geofences
  • Conditional Based Profile Management
  • Dual/Quad Band GSM Modem
  • Easy Installation
  • FOTA (Firmware Update Over The Air)
  • GSM Jamming Detection
  • HDOP for Precise Location
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Internal GPS and GSM Antennas
  • Multiple Data Upload Modes
  • Over Speed Management
  • Captures Driving Behaviors
  • Internal Back-up Battery

SP3603 Series Specifications