SP3801 Ultra-Compact GPS Tracker

SP3801 Product

When it comes to product reliability, the SP3801 is king! Our devices are well proven to stand up to the harshest vehicle environments. The SP3801 is one of Skypatrol’s smallest tracking devices available to the market today. With our optional OBDII quick connect cable, you’re installed and tracking within minutes. You can be assured that when you ask for a vehicle position it happens fast and reliably. Save money, time, and improve performance with our GPS tracker, featuring locate on demand, geofencing, and more. Contact Skypatrol for a demo of our products.

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  • Locate On Demand
  • Starter Enable/Disable
  • Geofencing
  • Late Payment Modes
  • Reports Battery Voltages
  • Scheduled Locates
  • OBDII Plug & Play Installation
  • Automated Reporting Modes
  • Speeding Notifications

SP3801 Specifications